“Everything would indicate that he is going to leave in the middle of the year”

Madrid and Bernabeu are two words that generate an eternal memory in the minds of the fans of Riverbut this time the return of Jorge Brito to the legendary stadium for the first time since the 2018 Libertadores final did not leave a good feeling in Núñez. Accompanied by Enzo Francescolicomplied with a tight schedule that included, in addition to talks with leaders of Real and Atlético, an institutional meeting with the City Group.

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Images of Brito's visit to Madrid.

Images of Brito’s visit to Madrid.

After the same, which was carried out with the aim of strengthening relations in the future, it was clear to the president of the CARP that they will have to start saying goodbye to Julián Álvarez. “Because of comments that we have already heard from Guardiola himself and those that they make to us, We always have to analyze the worst scenario from the sporting point of view and that is that he leaves in July. Formally, they will inform us about the date, but from the gesture and the conversation, everything would indicate that Julián is going to leave in the middle of the year,” Brito assured in Argenzuela (Radio 10 – AM 710).

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In the event that River reaches the final of the Professional League Cup will have six games ahead (three to complete the zone, quarters, semi and final). In turn, if he gets into the second round of the Libertadores Cup, you will have to play six more. And the sum generates sadness: after those 12 possible games, everything indicates that City will execute the clause of 1.7 million euros to take the Araña, recovering from muscular discomfort.

“We are going to fight until the last minute”said JB, although he is aware that “against what was agreed and the player’s career cannot go.” For this reason, while River fans begin to mentalize not to feel the loss of the scorer and choose in networks who could be his replacement, the present of Enzo Fernandez It generates satisfaction and concern at the same time because the European teams have it in their sights.

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“Currently, he is a player who is seen by the main clubs in the world, but we did not have conversations. We are not talking about sales or purchases outside the pass market. We must respect the players we are watching and the current squad,” Brito said.

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Beyond the defeat against Talleres, the soccer present of the team is auspicious and in Núñez there is a climate of great fervor. Facing the clash with Atlético Tucumán, fans sold out for the seventh time in a row and the second stage of the works has already begun in a Monument that will be the largest in South America, with capacity for 81,000 people. And in this context, the start of the works was on the right foot.

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“We have multiple goals, ambitious… We are River and we have to accompany the best coach in South American football, Marcelo Gallardo. We started the largest infrastructure project in the last 40 years and, in terms of amounts, we sold 88% of the new boxes and 70% of the stalls”, revealed. In relation to this, Brito took out a badge for the evolution of the club in recent months.

Jorge Brito with Marcelo Gallardo.  Photo: Guillermo Rodríguez Adami.

Jorge Brito with Marcelo Gallardo. Photo: Guillermo Rodríguez Adami.

“The River phenomenon is something that surprises us because the projections end up being exceeded Due to the number of partners, the members of the Somos River community… We are going to continue growing because River, in some way, is becoming an international club. We have many partners in South American countries that are joining and subsidiaries around the world,” he concluded.

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“I don’t think we should be praised or rewarded for doing the right thing. The bars do not have a bar card, but every time there is a criminal act or one that puts the River Plate family in danger, we are going to sanction them with the tools we have: suspend them as members so that they cannot enter during the week and during the parties, and declare them in the right of admission. We are going to work tirelessly so that the family returns to River and that football is a party in peace.”

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“In this aspect we must be united, encourage and not make these few believe that they are necessary for the institution. We must be convinced that this is the path and that we are all going to achieve it together. You don’t have to be afraid of them.”