everything we can do with the shells

After eating your fruit, lOrange peels still have countless uses. The orange peels that we usually throw away can be used as air fresheners, mosquito repellants and even bath salts. In this note, we pass you some of the many recipes with which you can give different uses.

We all know that orange is rich in vitamin C, but In addition to this important vitamin, its shell also has fiber, that is, it is a valuable natural source of antioxidants.

Shell as seasoning

One of the most common ways is to give use of seasoning and for this it is necessary to perform some procedures before. First we must remove the albedo, that is, the white layer between the peel and the segments of the orange that, although we usually remove it, this layer contains many nutrients. But in this case we are going to remove it for the simple reason that it gives a bitter taste and we do not want that.

With the help of a potato peeler, this task of removing the white layer is made easier, but any other method can be used as long as extreme care is taken not to cut or hurt our hands.

Once we have the shells completely clean, we will let them dry naturally, on a clean canvas or cloth. The time that this drying takes will depend on the ambient temperature, the important thing is that it is not exposed to humid places because they run the risk of developing fungi typical of humidity.

Once the shells are dry, we will pass them through a multiprocessor to the point that almost only powder will remain. Then it will be packed in a clean and dry bottle. This product can be used as condiments in meals with various types of recipes of all kinds, both sweet and savory. It is widely used in pastry recipes.

shoe freshener

There is also another type of utility: grated or processed orange peel. It is used to aromatize shoes at night or for as long as they are until they are going to be used. It consists of making a small bags of “interlinings” that we can sew by hand or by machine, or also using glue.

Slices of dried orange with star anise and cinnamon sticks isolated against white

Once the 5 x 5 cm bag is made, leaving an open space, place a spoonful of the ground orange powder, closing it afterwards. You can also add a few units of cloves. These bags are left on footwear of all kinds and will help neutralize the different odors for later use. The citrus aroma is an ideal agent to neutralize the bad odors that are concentrated in the footwear due to humidity and bacteria. This same procedure is also used to hang in the closet or store between clothes to keep moths and other types of insects away.


It is an excellent all-purpose cleaner, degreaser and stain remover. The mixture of orange peels with vinegar makes it a spectacular natural cleaner, very powerful and non-toxic. Highly recommended to remove grease stains from kitchens.

How do we prepare it?

1 cup of white vinegar (250 ml)

The peels of 2 oranges with the white layer.

Place fresh orange peels in a clean, dry jar. Then add the vinegar and cover. Store it in a dark place for 7 days before using. Filter and place in a sieve. This preparation can be used not only for keep away all kinds of insects such as mosquitoes and ants, the The combination of vinegar and the acidity of orange peels are used to clean all types of kitchen furniture, where they generally suffer from grease stuck to the surfaces.

To remove the bad smell from the refrigerators

It is also recommended to absorb odors from refrigerators, placing orange peels in a container with a tablespoon of coarse salt. This combination is very powerful in eliminating all kinds of strong odors and lasts approximately two weeks.

Soaps, candles, air fresheners and cosmetics

Use in aromatherapy and cosmetics: in the manufacture of homemade soaps, aromatic candles and all kinds of air fresheners, in addition to its use in cosmetics due to its great contribution of antioxidants.

As a mask it is an excellent exfoliant for oily and combination skin. The crushed orange peel with two tablespoons of rose water or whatever you prefer and mix to form a paste. This is applied to the skin in the form of a mask with circular massages, leaving it to act for 5 minutes, preferably 1 to 2 times a week on oily or extremely oily skin, and it will help eliminate dead cells.

Bath salts or gels with ground orange peels ensure to be very relaxing and pleasant for the bath, in addition to deep cleaning the skin providing vitamin C. If you do not feel like making this product naturally, you can use the powder made from mixed dried orange peels in bath sponge and the gel to use.

In the use of air fresheners, it also serves to absorb humidity from the environment. In very humid places, place in a clean and dry glass container, pieces of orange peel – freshly extracted natural or previously crushed dry – will help absorb environmental humidity, in addition to perfuming the place adding a teaspoon of cinnamon providing a persistent perfume.

compost for the garden

The usefulness for the garden: the use of orange peel for crops or house plants is a natural contribution for those species that need acid soil.

In addition, orange peels are also a very good natural repellent against ants, because they contain a toxic substance for this type of insect, like aphids and other aphids and/or parasites, where it acts as a natural insecticide.

Full shells for use in the compost they provide sulfur, magnesium, calcium among the nutrients, providing a great contribution to the soil.

Also serves as a fire starter and for this, pieces of husks are left to dry, and they will turn out as good or better than the paper itself.

These are just some of the many uses, but there are many that most people do not take advantage of the usefulness of the shells of this delicious fruit.

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