Esteban Andrada, at the center of criticism: Rayados fans feel “scammed” by Boca

Things are not going well at all for Stephen Andrada. His experience in Rayados from Mexico It is very far from what was planned by the former Boca goalkeeper. Even after his last game against Pachuca everything turned out worse, because he did not have an outstanding task and he was even directly responsible for the third goal of his team’s 3-0 loss. Before this scenario, the fans exploded and began to publish messages on social networks in which they assure that the xeneizes defrauded the Mexican club.

For the 16th day of the Closing Tournament 2022 of the Mexican league, Rayados de Monterrey and Andrada suffered too much. The Mexican club was left with a convincing win against and the Argentine goalkeeper without answers: the first goal was a shot to the angle that grabbed the goalkeeper out of position; the second, a one-on-one in which he was able to get ahead to reduce, but he couldn’t cover the shot and in the third he is blamed: a free kick from far away that itches him before he can catch the ball and remains without reaction.

This unleashed a fair amount of criticism from Rayados fans. The negative comments towards Andrada reached such a point that the Mexican fans implied that Boca “scammed” them. Mexican journalist Jesús Barrón wrote on his Twitter account: “What a bad guy Andrada is, Boca stung Rayados’ eyes… And hundreds of thousands of fans”.

The social networks were forceful, after this post by Barrón, because the responses had the same tenor: “Boca’s own fans were grateful that Andrada left. Here the detail is that Boca knows how to sell and very well”, mentioned Francisco Colchado, one of the many fans who participated in the debate that installed the @BarroSport account. And another added: “The guy does not save even the easiest shots, a real disgrace. Now I understand why in Boca Juniors he ended up as a substitute”.

However, the doubts about Andrada were not installed because of this last game, but rather because for several weeks things have not been favorable for the Argentine goalkeeper. Criticism has even haunted the goalkeeper since the matches against Tigres and Toluca, two fundamental games in which the Argentine was not at his best level and which were decisive for Rayados for his fight for Clausura 2022.

“With Tigres I was in a position that I did not anticipate, I was stopped and in Toluca when I took the step and wanted to return it was already too late. They are balls that you analyze at the moment you think it’s the best and sometimes it doesn’t happen, ”Andrada explained, regarding his mistakes in those games.

Andrada came to Rayados to replace Hugo González and from his landing he offered Monterrey immediate security for the goal, establishing himself in the position and gaining the trust of the fans. However, the goalkeeper had several mistakes that cost him several points in Liga MX and he was even singled out for mistakes that cost him elimination from the Club World Cup, when Rayados was eliminated in the first stage against Al-Ahly, since he had a bad rejection that left the arch free.

Despite all this bad moment, Andrada’s phrase from a couple of weeks ago resonates, when he was attacked for what happened against Tigre and Toluca: “I’m not one of those people who stay tied to a play, I immediately take them out of the head. I always focus on what lies ahead of me, which is the most important thing”.

The goalkeeper played 93 games with the xeneize shirt and was champion three times (2019/20 Super League, 2019 Super Cup and 2020 Diego Maradona Cup). At the time of his farewell from the riverside club, he spoke about what it meant to wear the Boca shirt: “They were 3 wonderful years, If it were up to me, I would stay and live in the club. I do not rule out returning at some point”on the last sentence I make it clear that “this is not a see you always, it is a see you later.”

Nevertheless, his last times in Boca, from where he was called up to the national team thanks to his high level, were not the best. The situation between the goalkeeper and the xeneize club became tense in May 2021, on the occasion of a trip to Ecuador to play the Copa Libertadores against Barcelona. On that occasion, Andrada tested positive for Covid, and had to stay in Guayaquil while he was sick, while the entire delegation returned to Argentina. So, there were twists and turns regarding the goalkeeper’s situation: the wife declared in the media that Boca had not taken any steps to speed up his return to the country and that they had practically left him alone. That episode would mark a before and after in Andrada’s relationship with the Football Council: he would lose ownership at the hands of Rossi and would finally be transferred to Mexican football a month later.

I’m waiting to see what solution they will give you. All I ask is that someone take responsibility for all this. I don’t know if there was another case like mine, but I wanted to know. I want to thank the people of the Guayaquil consulate who were able to contact my wife. She didn’t know everything that was happening, she got worried and went out to say everything she said, but now she is much calmer”, Andrada explained at the time.

Already with his sale to Mexico consummated, the goalkeeper admitted: “I needed a change of scenery because I had the feeling of helping the family too, They are the ones who tell me that my sadness is not noticeable, but I carry the pain inside, I try not to transmit my pain to others. I have mixed feelings about leaving; It’s sad but I’m also happy.”