Enzo Fernández from a penalty scored the goal for Gallardo’s team

River had a poor performance at the Monumental Stadium and tied 1-1 with Atlético Tucumán for date 12 of the Professional League Cup. Enzo Fernández, from a penalty, and Ramiro Ruiz Rodríguez scored the goals.

Little happened in the first minutes of the match. As expected, River became the owner of the ball, took center stage and led to the procedure being played on the field of Atlético Tucumán. El Millonario used his right flank a lot to attack, with raises from Herrera and the deployment of Simón, dispensed with the usual changes of front but was imprecise in the passes in the last third of the court. The Dean, with a low defensive block and with an attitude more court than game.

For the 25 minutes, River improved its performance, with better passes, unchecking and changes of front that made the rival wide, and definitely became better than Atlético Tucumán. Palavecino began to engage in the game and provide clarity, although the rival managed to cut each advancesome closer than others to the arch of Nicolás Campisi.

What were good intentions of the Millionaire ended up being diluted in the last minutes of the first part. Atlético Tucumán showed no fissures in defense and led River’s forwards to fall into a funnel from which they could never get out. Casco and Herrera stopped projecting as before and Enzo Fernández had a hard time receiving head-on in the gestation zone, added to the general inaccuracy and lack of mobility of the entire team.

The first half seemed that he was going to go without action until in the last attack, Álvarez put in a great filtered ball for Suárez and between a defender and the goalkeeper they lowered the Cordovan. Tello did not hesitate to charge a penalty and Enzo Fernández changed it for a goal with a bit of suspense. The 1-0 was a relief for River after a dim first half.

Those led by Gallardo came out with a different rhythm in the second half and with more intelligence to generate danger. The spaces began to appear and Palavecino, intermittent in terms of his interventions, was encouraged to hit him from the outside twice, one of those shots cleared in the corner by goalkeeper Campisi. Álvarez continued to make a great effort entering and leaving the area and throwing himself to the sides.

But as happened in recent games, the rivals did not need much effort to score a goal against River and this time was no exception. At 12′, Paulo Diaz went far, they left him paying, Ciro Rius received at the door of the area, finished off something bitten, Armani rebounded towards the middle (weak response) and Ruiz Rodríguez captured it to make it 1-1.

River felt the blow and fell back into the mess and rush of the first half, although they stayed in the game due to the push. Gallardo sent to the field to Romero, Pochettino and Cristian Ferreira (his official return), instead of Suárez, Palavecino and Simón, looking for answers and some serenity in the offensive. And a few minutes later Zuculini entered for Enzo Pérez, with an annoyance after demanding himself on the floor.

Tucumán was comfortable with a compact 4-4-2, logically he resigned the attack, he bet on making a little time and River could never find the spaces nor did he have the patience and lucidity to do so. He went on the charge with crosses and with what he could, in fact he almost won it in a melee in the area but Braian Romero fumbled him under the goal, but he played decidedly poorly.

It was an unknown team against a rival from the bottom of the table, the changes had no effect (Ferreira and Pochettino were infected by the team’s desperation) and Campisi’s goal was further and further away. Like never before in the championship, Millo lost almost all the divided balls and that greatly influenced the process, which was uphill, added to low individual levels, especially in defense. With this result, the Millionaire reached 23 units and is still in second place. Newell’s has the same points and Argentinos or Sarmiento can catch up (they play each other on Monday).


RIVER PLATE (4-4-2): Franco Armani; Andrés Herrera, Paulo Díaz, Héctor David Martínez, Milton Casco; Santiago Simón, Enzo Pérez, Enzo Fernández, Agustín Palavecino; Julian Alvarez and Matias Suarez. SD: Marcelo Gallardo.

Substitutes: Ezequiel Centurión, Leandro González Pirez, Emanuel Mammana, Elías Gómez, Bruno Zuculini, José Paradela, Cristian Ferreira, Tomás Pochettino and Braian Romero.

ATHLETIC TUCUMAN (4-4-2): Nicholas Campisi; Martín Garay, Marcelo Ortíz, Manuel Capasso, Gabriel Risso Patron; Ramiro Carrera, Guillermo Acosta, Ciro Rius, Ramiro Ruiz Rodríguez; Augusto Lotti and Federico Andrada. SD: Lucas Pusineri.

Substitutes: Tomás Marchiori, Alexis Doldán, Bruno Bianchi, Matías Orihuela, Ramiro Cristobal, Gaston Gil Romero, Francisco Di Franco, Joaquín Pereyra, Renzo Tesuri, Cristian Menéndez, Leonardo Heredia, Ignacio Puch and Ramiro Ruiz Rodríguez.


Time: 19.00
Stadium: Monumental
Referee: Facundo Tello
Attendees: Diego Bonfa and Jose Castelli
VAR: Diego Abal
TV: TNT Sports