Elon Musk recommends: 9 books that will change your life

According to Elon Musk, these 9 books can change your life:

From classic science fiction books to artificial intelligence to biographies – a number of books have helped Elon Musk to success. That’s why he recommends 9 books that can change anyone’s life. (Also read: Elon Musk: You can learn these leadership lessons)

“Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

The biography about the legendary Apple founder Steve Jobs. Like Musk, Jobs has himself to thank for his success. The book is about how the revolutionary developer built the Apple company, what vision he had and what goals he was pursuing along the way.

“Zero to One” by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters

“Zero to One” is aimed in particular at those interested in startups in this world. The concern of Pay Pal founder and Facebook investor Peter Thiel is to explain the technical progress of globalization and to present the true success story of Silicon Valley. In this way, he makes it clear to his readers which factors in a company ensure that it is successful in the long term. (Also exciting: Peter Thiel has invested up to 20 million in Bitcoin)

“Human Compatible” by Stuart Russell

In “Human Compatible” Stuart Russell presents new perspectives and approaches to researching artificial intelligence. He believes that the development of superintelligence is a serious risk as humans don’t have enough skills to control the superintelligent machines. (More on this: Artificial intelligence: Are we underestimating the dangers?)

“Merchants of Doubt” by Naomi Oreskes & Erik M. Conway

In Merchants of Doubt, the authors examine some of the most important debates of our time. By focusing on issues such as the environment, smoking and nuclear weapons, the authors explain how much is misrepresented in the media (especially related to politics and business).

“The Big Picture” by Sean M Carroll

Given that Musk is particularly fond of exploring forward-thinking topics, it’s no wonder this is one of his favorite books. In “The Big Picture,” Sean M. Carroll looks at the world from a holistic perspective. In particular, he focuses on the issues that have become relevant and have changed our world in the last few years.

“Life 3.0” by Max Tegmark

This book also deals with the future of artificial intelligence. In this work, MIT professor Max Tegmark writes about how to harness artificial intelligence for human life and how to ensure that technological advances are consistent with human goals. (Also read: Generation AI? Why companies now need to talk about artificial intelligence with their young employees)

“Lies” by Sam Harris

In the book, neuroscientist Sam Harris explores the subject of lying. Using various examples – whether in everyday life or in politics – Harris shows how much lies in the world and how often these lies are glossed over or covered up.

“Super Intelligence” by Nick Bostrom

To understand why artificial intelligence is so scary, Musk recommends Nick Bostrom’s book, Super Intelligence. The author presents various scenarios and risks that can be caused by artificial intelligence. (Worth reading: Artificial intelligence: Why machines have to learn to doubt)

“Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith

In his book The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith examines how nations have become prosperous. While outlining the basics of liberal capitalism, he argues that the state should stay out of business so that businesses have as much freedom as possible. For many, including Musk, Smith’s book is a veritable bible of a new economic system.

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