Edgardo Bauza suffers from an advanced stage of Alzheimer’s disease and they revealed: “There is no return”

Edgardo “El Paton” Bauza (64) suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and the progression of the disease is at a point of “No return”. This is how Esteban Paz, leader of the Quito League, sentenced him, a club in which “Patón” is an idol.

“Sometimes I call him. Now it is difficult, there is no return”, said the director of the Ecuadorian institution, the country where the Rosario coach resides since he left Argentina definitively back in February 2019.

In statements to the newspaper Ole, Paz expressed that Bauza’s team began in his last stage as DT of Rosario Central, crowned with the conquest of the Argentine Cup. “In Rosario Central it was already more evident, that’s why he ended up returning to Ecuador. Now he is based here. We tried two years ago, before the pandemic, for him to be in the complex, to be a sports advisor for the club. It was for three weeks, he was going to help us, Pablo Repetto was the technician, ”he recalled.

And in that sense he added: “There we saw those personality changes, and Edgardo’s personality began to fade, to such an extent that he decided not to go any further. There were few times that we were able to talk, sometimes I call him. Now it is difficult, there is no return. But there is always affection, there is a story that he told us and helped us write.

The day that “Bambino” Pons revealed that “Patón” Bauza suffers from Alzheimer’s disease

On May 22 last, the rapporteur John Manuel Ponsclose to the former soccer player and coach, revealed: “He has very advanced Alzheimer’s and is complicated”.

In statements to skysportsthe “Bambino” then added that the “Patón” today divides his time between Quito and Rosario, and that the condition he suffers from makes confuse “the colors and even the order of meals”

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Edgardo Bauza was born in Granadero, province of Santa Fe, on January 26, 1958. He is a symbol of Rosario Central for his time as a soccer player in the 70s and 80s. As a coach, he was champion of the Copa Libertadores twice: with the Quito League in Ecuador, in 2008, and with San Lorenzo, in 2014.

Affected by the trance of the former soccer player and coach, who on October 3 ended his career as a strategist with a letter released by Maximiliano Bauza, his son, added “Bambino” Pons: “He began to grab him after the Argentine Cup. Human beings are very fragile.

Edgardo “El Patón” Bauza was DT of the Argentine National Team.

The letter in which Edgardo Bauza said goodbye to his career as DT: “The end of my career”

I was always a person open to dialogue, to tell and not to hide the issues related to my profession. It didn’t matter if it was good or bad news, happiness or sadness. I felt that, for all that football generates, sharing my sensations and thoughts was the correct way to respect and thank those who were interested in what I did.

But goodbyes, cycle closures, are always more difficult to manifest with words, beyond the facts.

Recently the news broke about my retirement as a coach. So, honoring my way of proceeding again, it is I myself who want to communicate that I have effectively put an end to the chapter of my history as technical director.

The reasons for my decision strictly respond to health reasons. I understood and accepted that, for my own well-being and that of my family, I had to get away from the work that I am passionate about and with which I lived for so many years, after my time as a footballer.

Although the information in the media circulated these days, the reality is that the end of my career occurred in 2019. Fate helped me make the determination less painful, since my relationship with football ended with a deep joy.

It is that it happened in the same club that saw me born, that sheltered me in my formation, that allowed me to enjoy myself as a fan and a professional at the same time, first playing on the pitch and then driving from the bench. My relationship with Rosario Central will be eternal.

The first thing I feel now, when memories invade me, is pride. It is that we have gone through all the moments with my work team, overcoming obstacles and difficulties, but also enjoying each achievement, each objective achieved each time we faced a challenge.

I am and will be grateful. To football; but, especially, to life, which allowed me to travel such a wonderful path. I know I will be unfair, because it is impossible to fully mention those who deserve it in these lines. But I would like everyone who accompanied me to see themselves reflected in these words; regardless of institutions and proper names.

Many thanks to Central, Vélez, Colón, Sporting Cristal, Liga de Quito, Al-Nassr, San Lorenzo and Sao Paulo, for trusting me to lead their teams. My gratitude goes to each of these clubs for their fans, I keep the tokens of affection received as a trophy comparable to any of the Cups or Championships won. In Quito and Boedo, naturally, those sensations were enhanced; That is why my gratitude there is even greater.

Many thanks to the Federations of the Emirates and Arabia and, mainly, to the AFA, for the opportunities provided to lead their teams.

Many thanks to the leaders, several of whom later became friends. My special memory is for Rodrigo Paz, who was sincerely my second father.

Many thanks to the players, to each and every one of those I had to lead in that circle that began in the lower divisions of Central and concluded with the professionals on the return to my beloved club.

Many thanks to every employee of the aforementioned clubs and federations.

Many thanks to the journalists, with whom we have agreed and disagreed, but whose respect towards me, especially in recent times, I do not want to fail to acknowledge.

Many thanks to my unique work group, always present to support me and help me achieve the goals set. Hug from the soul to my lifelong friend, José Daniel Di Leo; to the teachers Alejandro Mur and Bruno Militano and, of course, to my son Maxi. I do not forget any of the many who have accompanied us in different places and times.

Many thanks to my representative, Gustavo Lescovich, who ceased to be a representative a long time ago because he is already one of the few friends that one can find in environments where interests outweigh trust.

Many thanks to Javier Tabares, who helped me write these words and who was always looking out for me, putting the personal before the professional.

The final thanks, the most important, I save for those who deserve it most: the members of my beloved

family. They are the ones who suffered the most on this long and complex road, they are the ones who were and continue to be without asking for anything in return in the most difficult moments, they are the ones who show me their unconditional love regardless of the circumstances.

Many thanks to my children, Emi, Nico and Maxi, my wife Maritza and my brother Daniel.

And to you, thank you very much for having shared this time, reading these lines, and for having allowed me to express, once again, my truth and my emotion.

Edgardo Bauza, October 3, 2021.