criticism and its future

“We make the presentation of Boca’s technical staff that will be from the date until December 31. Neither other technicians will be discussed so that they lend themselves to other interpretations. This is not an interim technical staff, at the end of the year the situation and we will decide.” Amid forced smiles, Jorge Ameal, perhaps without realizing it, was getting into a problem -perhaps more serious- to try to get out of another.

Next to him, a Jorge Bermúdez in his usual Disney way smiled for the photo. And in the same sentence he thanked Sebastián Battaglia as if he hadn’t been fired and He welcomed Hugo Ibarra as if he were the right coach for that moment.

He has three games, but he does not have much time either: Boca needs a reaction. (Juano Teson)

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Barely ten days later, that montage collapsed under its own weight: the team deepened its decline and the crack between the Riquelme-Football Council-Ibarra axis with the squad was strengthened. And the crisis goes beyond the results: players do not respect black as DTand the messages -some public, others by indirect but obvious means- are clear: They demand the presence of a full-fledged coach, with a defined idea and his own authority, who gives the team a concrete and visible direction that it does not have today.

The problem for Boca is that the Ibarra experiment collapsed very quickly. And that after the “presentation” of the Ibarra-Pompei-Gracián triumvirate on July 11 (another example of improvisation that the footballers took note of) they have no room for maneuver to do what they should have done in the beginning: look for a body top-level coach who would take Boca out of the riquelmean model of hiring malleable coaches to their opinions and desires.

Izquierdoz's departure from the team, Ibarra said, and what really happened, the first break.  (Ferdinand of the Order)

Izquierdoz’s departure from the team, Ibarra said, and what really happened, the first break. (Ferdinand of the Order)

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The other issue is that November is too far away, not so much in terms of the calendar, but in everything that is at stake. An eternity for a team that initially disbelieved in Ibarra’s decision to remove Izquierdoz, leader and captain of the team, at one stroke. He did not believe that the decision was made by the coach, and even more so that it was “football” as Negro stated. There the relationship between the campus and the new CT was born dead.

If the victory against Talleres made up some situations (partly because the squad needed to clean up its image before its people after the very poor role it played in the defeat against San Lorenzo), the new loss against Argentinos in La Paternal exposed the reluctance of the players and their rejection of the new coaching staff.

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The internal critics

Low, or not so low, they criticize the proposals, the lack of knowledge and authority. Rightly or wrongly, the annoyance was evident in various signs displayed. With Zeballos opening his hands looking for someone to associate play, with Campuzano forced to play backwards due to the impossibility of passing, with Agustín Rossi making obvious gestures of disagreement in a talk with Fernando Gayoso, the goalkeeping coach.

“Boca cannot afford to play this way and I said this before they put Hugo in, a coach has to come, to bring fresh air”. Cristian Traverso’s phrase also marks the pulse of what Boca World thinks in general. The end of the joystick model is evident, although in two and a half years Riquelme refused to hand over control and it will not be easy for him to give it up now. In fact, in practice on Wednesday afternoon, the vice once again faced the campus, in another talk with his seal.

The squad does not trust Ibarra: there are soccer reasons and others.  (Mouth Press)

The squad does not trust Ibarra: there are soccer reasons and others. (Mouth Press)

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If he did not decide to go all out for Ricardo Gareca, Gabriel Heinze, Eduardo Domínguez or Martín Palermo, names that are already a phone call away, there is no reason to think that he will do so when pending situations of other technicians are resolved, such as Gerardo Martin, for example. But Roman is smart enough to know that he can’t pull the rope much further: He has only one more attempt left to win the Libertadores, a key factor in extending his political capital within the club, and that last shot cannot fail him.

He already has enough problems with a squad in which its main figures are throwing themselves overboard from the club. Players are needed to win, and JR knows that he is no longer up for a few jogs…