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Three tips for exciting new releases: It’s about a bloodless thriller, the new masterpiece by Tess Gerritsen and a crime thriller that takes place in the German Empire.

by Katja Essbach

Factory of Shadows” by Matthias Wittekindt and Rainer Wittkamp

“Factory of Shadows” shows that the German Empire in 1910 is amazingly modern. There are more and more automobiles and airplanes are also becoming increasingly important. The hereditary enmity towards neighboring France is also important for German self-image and German politics. And that plays a big role in the novel.

“Factory of Shadows” by Matthias Wittekindt and Rainer Wittkamp

At the beginning there is a devastating train accident at a railroad crossing. But the victims were not shot until after the accident. By, so witnesses say, French-speaking men. Shortly thereafter, a chemistry student is murdered, following the same pattern. Both acts were of military precision. This circumstance and the alleged French murderers call the Prussian secret service on the plan. His boss Albert Craemer and his agent Lena Vogel begin to investigate. Not always with legal methods.

The great thing about this novel is its effortless mixture of history and gripping criminal case. And with the agent Vogel, the authors have created a special protagonist with a very interesting family background.

book data

Title: “Factory of Shadows”
Authors: Matthias Wittekind and Rainer Wittkamp
Publisher: Heyn
ISBN: 978-3-453-42509-5
Price: €11.00

Mother’s Heart” by Tess Gerritsen

Book cover: Tess Gerritsen - Mother's Heart © Limes Verlag

“Mother’s Heart” by Tess Gerristen

Tess Gerritsen is one of the great American thriller writers. Her series around Detective Jane Rizzoli and coroner Maura Isles is the basis for the television series “Rizzoli & Isles”. The new case for the two protagonists from Boston begins with the murder of nurse Sofia. During her investigation, Rizzoli meets Sofia’s boss and his daughter Amy. Amy was recently in a serious car accident and has felt watched and followed ever since. But Detective Rizzoli has a hard time concentrating on the case because her mother, Angela, keeps interfering. Angela is firmly convinced that her new neighbors are highly suspicious and that her daughter should investigate them. Rizzoli doesn’t believe her mother, putting her in grave danger.

Tess Gerritsen’s thrillers are always meticulously thought out, very atmospheric and exciting to the end. All of this also applies to the new novel, which you can read without knowing the predecessors.

Book Data: Mother’s Heart

Title: “Mother’s Heart”
Author: Tess Gerritsen
Translation: Andreas Jäger
Publisher: Limes
ISBN: 978-3-8090-2756-0
Price: €22.00

The Plan” by Julie Clark

Book cover: Julie Clark - The Plan © Heyne Verlag

“The Plan” by Julie Clark

At the center of the thriller are two women, Meg and Kat, who take turns telling stories on different time levels. Meg is driven by a single desire: she wants justice for past injustices. For this, she sneaks into the lives of rich men and robs them. But actually these are just finger exercises for their last coup.

To do this, she returns to her hometown of Los Angeles. Kat is already waiting for you there. Kat is also out for revenge. revenge on meg Because it ruined her life. And so the two women weave a web of lies and manipulations around each other. “The Plan” is captivatingly written and psychologically well thought out. The surprising twist at the end makes the book the perfect suspense read.

Book Data: The Plan

Title: “The Plan”
Author: Julie Clark
Translation: Astrid Gravert and Katja Held
Publisher: Heyne
ISBN: 978-3-453-42645-0
Price: €15.00

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