Corinthians – Boca, live: the Xeneize team’s toughest rival for the Copa Libertadores, and in Brazil

Roger Guedes decisively advanced through the left sector, launched a cross, Javi García was left halfway and Maycon took advantage of the gift and defined. An unexpected 2 to 0. After a while, Benedict committed a harsh offense: he already had a yellow card and should have been expelled (was saved again).

Now yes, with a more ambitious attitude, Boca came out of confinement, Cortinthians no longer complicate it too much. Varela allowed the middle zone to get ahead a few meters, Salvio continues to be the most sharp, while Zeballos, with sparks, contributes to the cause.

Pipa Benedetto, far from physical fullness, came on for Vázquez, unable to create space in the attack, beyond the fact that the ball did not reach him very well. The young man Zeballos is another of the bets, instead of Medina. The xeneize team is going through its best version, without clear arrivals, but with another impetus. Xeneizes fans sing and jump in San Pablo. Benedetto could be expelled: He headbutted João Victor. Both were warned. The game? Varela for Ramírez: greater freshness in midfield.

Corinthians lowered its intensity, it no longer worries and, little by little, Boca moves forward a few meters, it is more dangerous. Romero plays too far from the area, almost in the central circle. Salvio must go down too many meters to catch the ball. There is another energy, greater enthusiasm in the final meters.

Corinthians’ intensity led him to excessive physical strength: He has four cautioned: Fagner, Raul Gustavo, Du Queiroz and Renato Augusto. Boca is only one goal behind and knows that it can cause an expulsion, if it advances more decisively, if it lets go of its lines; above all, by the bands, very tied. Róger Guedes and Gustavo Mantuan, on the field.

Protest Sebastián Battaglia for the rough game of CorinthiansAndre Penner – AP

Boca reacted in the final stretch, playing with a different spirit, led by Ramírez, accompanied by Pol Fernández. Corinthians’ momentum slowed down, they don’t attack with the same intensity, apart from an advance by Adson. The feeling remained that Boca is in the game. If you cheer up, if you deepen your advances, you can believe.

On a pitch that is too wet, the ball flies, but Boca has a hard time capturing it with any sense. Attack without too much criteria, while his opponent, emboldened and with spaces, is close to the second shout. A shot by Renato Augusto, the best, although off target. A relief for Boca, the lack of aim of the local team. Little by little, it warms up fight threats and various discussions.

Salvio’s low center, almost connects Vázquez, in the center of the area. Toto is the most dangerous player, moves through the right sector, seeks to be deep, but for now he does not have company of the same caliber. Boca suffers the game, but at least begins to show courage.

Oscar Romero has a hard time finding his best version;  in the scene, he fights with Maycon
Oscar Romero has a hard time finding his best version; in the scene, he fights with MayconAndre Penner – AP

The goal, at the start of the match, caused serious doubts in all xeneizes lines. He finds it difficult to find the ball and suffers, above all, on the wings. The local team, for now, fails in the last stitch, but the differences are well marked. Boca needs Romero to raise his hand, to let go.

In the first clear, deep arrival, the Brazilian team wins. Center and header. Fagner’s shipment found the winning jump of Maycon. Weak defensive response xeneize as a whole: from Fabra, captain tonight, to the center of defence. Garcia’s flight was sterile.

Now yes, in front of a huge crowd, which makes the show live like a true butler clash, the match began, in San Pablo. Boca has a demanding personality test, against a team with more history than present. Willian and Jo, in the attack, the best exponents.

Maycon, the celebration of the owner of the first cry in San Pablo
Maycon, the celebration of the owner of the first cry in San PabloAndre Penner – AP

Without Darío Benedetto, victim of another physical discomfort and with Toto Salvio and Luis Vazquez in the attack, Boca already has the confirmed team. Figure against Central Córdoba, from Santiago del Estero, where he converted the winning goals by 2 to 1, Salvio is the main weapon of attack. Next to him, as a beacon, the young Vázquez, who had lost ground in recent weeks. Romero and Ramírez, those in charge of the creationa deficit that the team led by Sebastián Battaglia usually suffers.

The delegations are in the stadium, awaiting the meeting. Anxiety grows, however the stadium is not yet full: the Brazilian team is in the doldrums. In the last match, on Saturday for the Brasileirao and with some substitutes, fell in the classic: 3-0 against Palmeiras.

Good evening and welcome to the follow-up of Corinthians vs. Boca, the most demanding match of the Argentine team for group E of the Copa Libertadores. The meeting will start at 9:30 p.m.will be refereed by the Uruguayan Andrés Matonte and will take place at the Arena Corinthians stadium in São Paulo, where Argentine clubs played eight games and never lost.

Several xeneizes players continue to serve suspension dates for the Libertadores and there are others injured, for which the starting line-up is not the “ideal.” Mainly, in defense, affected by several injuries: Carlos Zambrano reappears after a tear in the right hamstring and the young Gabriel Aranda takes the other place in the center of defense. Without Darío Benedetto, again with physical discomfort, the forward will have Luis Vázquez and Eduardo Salvio. A curiosity: at the age of 35, goalkeeper Javier García will make his absolute debut for the Libertadores.

Sebastián Battaglia did not face rumors of dismissal after Saturday, thanks to Boca's victory in Santiago del Estero.
Sebastián Battaglia did not face rumors of dismissal after Saturday, thanks to Boca’s victory in Santiago del Estero.Telam

Calm down in Boca due to last Saturday’s victory over Central Córdoba by 2 to 1, in Santiago del Estero, the team led by Sebastian Battaglia He faces a rival who is going through a bad time and who will not have his coach on the substitute bench, The Portuguese Vitor Pereira, infected with coronavirus. The last conquest of the Timão (state tournament) was three years ago; in 2022, Corinthians lost all five classics against neighbors from São Paulo.

Even so, it has several important footballers: the midfielder Paulinhoformer partner of Lionel Messi in Barcelona; René Augustus, world cup in Russia 2018; The front Williamex of the English Arsenal, and the archer Cassio, the only one that remains of those who in 2012 won the final against Boca itself. After that series, the Argentine team eliminated the Brazilian in the round of 16 of 2013.

The four members of zone E have 3 points after two dates. The other two, Always Ready (Bolivia) and Deportivo Cali (Colombia)They will meet this Thursday.