Concern for the health of Mino Raiola, one of the most powerful agents in the world of football

Mino Raiola is a representative of some of the main figures in the world of football (Grosby)

Carmine Mino Raiolaone of the most important agents on the planet, He is in a delicate state of health at 54 years old. After different Italian media confirmed his death, José Fortes Rodríguez, the agent’s right-hand man, informed the Dutch network US that your colleague is in poor health: “He is in a bad position, but he has not died”. The Ansa Agency reported that the agent “he is fighting her”.

The Italian is known worldwide for his tough negotiating style and for representing footballers such as Erling Haaland, Paul Pogba, Matthijs de Ligt, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Paul Pogba, Marco Verratti, Stefan de Vrij, Moise Kean and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The information that was spread from the main Italian newspapers generated a reaction in Raiola’s environment: “Current state of health for those who wonder: pissed off for the second time in 4 months they kill me. They also seem capable of resuscitation ”, signed the official profile of the manager.

At the beginning of the year he was admitted to the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. Although from his environment they noted that it was scheduled medical check-ups and denied rumors of an emergency intervention “, the truth is that unfortunately his condition worsened later.

Two of his clients are left with the pass in their possession in the next transfer market and several of the most powerful clubs in the world intended to hire them. They are striker Halland (Real Madrid, Manchester City and Barcelona, ​​among others, are bidding for the Norwegian) and midfielder Pogba (Juventus, Merengue and Paris Saint Germain have him in their sights).

Posting from Raiola's account
Posting from Raiola’s account

The man born on November 4, 1967 in Nocera Inferiore built an empire from practically nothing. When he was still a baby, his family moved to Haarlem, a city outside of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Over there he grew up and worked in the family business: an Italian restaurant.

“My father worked 18 or 20 hours a day. When I was 11 or 12 years old I went to work with him to get to know him. He was in the kitchen, so… what could he do? He could wash the dishes. I still like to wash the dishes. It gives me a kind of peace to clean things, you see the immediate result of your work, ”she confessed a few years ago in an interview with Financial Times.

From the kitchen he went to the dining room, where as a waiter he perfected his gift for building relationships. While earning his first Dutch guilders (the legal tender within the Netherlands until it was replaced by the Euro), Mino began studying Law, seeing his dream of being a footballer cut short at the age of 18.

Mino Raiola is one of the most powerful representatives on the planet (REUTERS / Albert Gea / File Photo)
Mino Raiola is one of the most powerful representatives on the planet (REUTERS / Albert Gea / File Photo)

Product of his studies and some contacts, Raiola continued to be linked to the ball and his first great job was when he officiated as an intermediary for the agent Robert Jansen to finalize the landing of Dennis Bergkamp from Ajax to Inter Italy in 1993. Young Carmine was ideal for this assignment as he understood Italian and Dutch perfectly (he can also carry on conversations in French, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese).

This signing opened endless doors for him and as a link for the Sports Promotion agency he built a bridge to take the main figures of the Eredivisie to Series A, the best competition on the Old Continent at that time.

In 1996 he broke his bond with Jansen and began his solo path in the world of soccer player representation. One of his first glittering businesses was to place Pavel Nedved in Lazio, who would later become a Ballon d’Or winner. He began to have Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Maxwell (figures from Ajax at the time) as clients, which earned him to be considered within Calcio as someone “with a good eye” for attracting talent. The rest is known history.

It is worth noting that the representative, product of his prolific career, in 2020 entered the forbes list of the richest, with a total of 85 million dollars. Together with other agents such as Jorge Mendes and Jonathan Barnett, he created an association of representatives called ‘The Football Forum’, which showed its rejection of the new FIFA transfer regulations.


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