Chile puts pressure on FIFA hours after its decision on the lawsuit against Ecuador: “It would be scandalous if…”

Chili wants to go to Qatar World Cup 2022 and does not give up. She clings to hope over the alleged misinclusion of Byron Castillothe soccer player who played in the Qualifiers for Ecuador but who, according to the Chilean Football Federation, would be Colombian. A few days after the verdict of the FIFA On the case, which would arrive this Friday, the ANFP put pressure on the world soccer regulatory body with strong accusations against Ecuador.

Eduardo Carlezzo, Chile’s lawyer in the case against Ecuador.

Brazilian lawyer Eduardo Carlezzo, who represents Chili in the case against the Ecuadorians, he assured in a press conference: “It would be scandalous if FIFA disregard this information. The burden of proof is too high. I have been in cases for 20 years with the FIFA. There have been more than a thousand and rarely does one have such a great burden of proof. It is a lot and we hope that the ruling of FIFA Be technical.”