Central is already playing against the garnet in search of the north that it cannot find

Central is already visiting Lanús from 7:00 p.m. at a crossroads of teams that need to add, in a match corresponding to the 11th date of the Professional Football League Cup (LPF).

The match is played at the Ciudad de Lanús stadium (La Fortaleza), refereed by Fernando Espinoza and televised by the Fox Sports Premium cable signal.

Lanús was close to opening the scoring at 7′, after a center by Di Plácido that López headed in, but goalkeeper Servio responded in a good way.

At 13′ Central responded with a shot from Pupi Ferreyra, in the middle of the goal, which Monetti cleared with his hands. On the rebound Marcelo Benítez tried his left foot, but the shot went wide.

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The fixture does not give respite and by the time you live in creek It’s the best thing that can happen to Central, that at this point in history he looks very favorably on the tournament ending as soon as possible, because it will be the fastest way to leave behind a semester to be forgotten and start a new stage, which will undoubtedly have to be superior. This afternoon the team Leandro Somoza will appear on the pitch Lanus in what will be a clash of teams with similar realities. However, a new defeat will put the scoundrel in the last position of zone B of the League Cupwhich paints the entire body of this present evil that he has to live.

To explain the lousy timing of Central It’s enough to fix your eyes on the leaderboard. Since the debacle began, when the Kily Gonzalez the front of the team was still, the scoundrel added just one point of the last 15 in dispute. That is why it is not necessary to go into words to understand the seriousness of the situation.

What is clear is that the rudder change that occurred and that, it was thought, could have an effect from the football field did not work out. Because with Somoza in command, things not only did not improve, but in a certain way accelerated the decomposition process. The new DT has three games on the back and the only thing that can be rescued is that draw against Colón, who came with an alternative team. The rest were all pale.

To today’s match at Fortaleza, Central It arrives with the emotional charge of what was the last game in Mar del Plata, where he showed that the recovery looks small, far away. And for the days that the scoundrel has to live, it is the worst thing that can happen to him, because what he is showing is so bad (in the same vein as what happened in the previous process) that there are no reasons, at least for now, convincing that invite us to think that things can begin to change. The only thing that is established and that is known is that it must change, but the illusion lacks sustenance.

The chances of accommodating a little football this time could be greater considering that Somoza will once again have Marco Reuben Y Marcelo Benitezboth absent vs. Aldosivi. For the football disaster that is today Central There is no name that officiates as a guarantee, but there will always be one more card when the DT can have usually starting players. At least they traveled and are part of the delegation.

The situation that does not seem to change, at least for now, is the one that has Emiliano Vecchio as the protagonist, because the offensive midfielder once again will not get on the bus, although this time everything seems to indicate that it has to do with a decision of the coach himself. The thing is Old He is recovered from the overload in the soleus, in fact he trained normally in recent days.

But of course, there comes a time when the behavior of the team as such goes beyond proper names and that is where Somoza finds his greatest challenge, so far without results that support his management, although not to mention that the time he has been at the head of the team is very short.

The martyrdom of this final stretch of the tournament Central is eloquent, but Central He has no choice but to go through it, knowing that beyond the fact that qualifying for the quarterfinals is unfeasible, there are important points at stake that are more related to the future than to the present. That alone should be a more than valid argument to insist on that change of image that Central he needs to give and that he has been denied.

And the time is now, because in a few days Central politics will begin to express itself in other terms. How will it be that after the defeat in Mar del Plata there was an idea on the part of the opposition to request the advancement of the elections, something that sounds unlikely. But that is neither more nor less than one of the throes of this rickety present, in which Central does not get one.

As is often the case, what happens on the pitch determines the mood off it and Central today in the game rectangle he has no peace and it is something that must be corrected immediately, if it is this afternoon on the Lanus, better.