Central Córdoba-Boca: Javier García’s hands, Salvio’s two goals and Villa’s dribbles gave the xeneize team air

El Toto was the great figure of the match after scoring the two goals of the match for Boca. “I needed a joy like that”, he vented on the Fox Premium microphones after the events of the last few days. On 10 xeneize he added: “It was a game we needed to win. We are happy. We have very good players and the victory is well deserved”. Regarding the rumors about Battaglia’s departure, Salvio said: “Inside the venue, things were calm. We all want to shoot in the same direction”.

Referee Falcón Pérez marks the end of the match and Boca leaves the Madre de Ciudades stadium with a soothing triumph. Salvio’s two goals are enough for the three points to stay on the visiting side. The entry of Juan Ramírez in the second half gave the team led by Sebastián Battaglia a monopoly on the ball. Before, he had suffered. Javier García was one of the figures.

Villa throws his umpteenth center of the night to the opposite band. There, as throughout the game, Salvio enters, who wins high, heads and converts. Boca is more than its rival and deserves the victory: it wins 2-1 in the Madre de Ciudades.

Battaglia is looking for a partner for Villa and that is why he decides to hire Frank Fabra to play on the left side and join the attack. The xeneize team is better in this part of the game.

Boca’s left back wins from the heights and Renzo López, in full defensive function, manages to clear over the line. Boca begins to generate danger with the ball stopped and seeks victory in Santiago del Estero.

The stick, first, and Toselli’s legs, later, saved the team from Santiago after a play started with a center from Villa that Benedetto connected. The party does not have a clear dominator and it can be for either of the two. Battaglia moves the bench and Ramírez replaces the booked Diego “Pulpo” González.

Marcos Rojo reaches the fifth warning and loses the match with Barracas Central. Renzo López reacts and also receives the yellow card.

Central Córdoba and Boca draw 1-1 at the Madre de Ciudades stadium and are already playing the second half of the match, valid for date 12 of the Professional League Cup.

For the sixth time, Boca equalized the match after taking the lead. Once again, Javier García is essential for Boca, which has a better start than its rival. Central Córdoba matches and reaches equality at the end of the first half. The xeneize team draws 1-1 at the Madre de Ciudades stadium.

This time there is no VAR: Javier García’s foul against González Metilli is clear. He wins Aranda’s back and the goalkeeper knocks him down. Again, Renzo López kicks. But this time he converts. 1-1 in Santiago del Estero.

González Metilli invents a center with three fingers, Riaño passes and the ball remains for López. But before that, an arm from García intervenes, who risks his physique and is left lying. Boca’s goalkeeper is once again decisive for his team and, because of him, the xeneize team continues to win in Santiago del Estero.

Boca’s youthful defender heads just one corner and the ball goes near the left post of Central Córdoba’s goal. The people of Santiago make the first substitution of the match: Gonzalo Ríos replaces the Paraguayan José Leguizamón, injured. Now, Sergio Rondina’s team goes on to defend with four players and their scheme is 4-4-2.

Boca’s goalkeeper covers the penalty and is once again a figure in the xeneize team. He guesses Renzo López’s shot and keeps the zero on his bow.

Germán Delfino, VAR assistant, calls Falcón Pérez to review a slap by Rojo to Leguizamón in the Boca area. After seeing her, the referee collects the penalty.

As before Godoy Cruz, Javier García once again stands as a figure of the xeneize team. Now, he comes out quickly in a one-on-one with Claudio Riaño and returns to his goal in time to cover Francisco González Metilli’s subsequent shot. It is the goalkeeper’s third save in the match: at the dawn of the match he had saved another difficult ball against Renzo López.

In a replicated play, Romero combined with Villa and, this time, Salvio defined better. Again, from the right, to leave goalkeeper Christopher Toselli out of action. The scorer is emotional after the complications experienced in recent days. Boca starts better and is already winning in Santiago del Estero. Toto’s last goal had been on December 12 of last year, and against the same rival: that day, Boca beat the Santiago team 8-1 at the Bombonera.

Oscar Romero finds Sebastián Villa on the left wing. The Colombian goes to the bottom and throws the center. On the right, free of brand, enters Eduardo Salvio. Define right, first. And the ball goes out.

Yael Falcón Pérez whistles at the Madre de Ciudades stadium and the match between Boca and Central Córdoba begins, fundamental for the aspirations of both teams in the Professional League Cup.

Sergio Rondina, coach of Central Córdoba, also confirmed the formation that will start the match against Boca. The Santiago team will have a 5-3-2 tactical layout, with Claudio Riaño (former Boca) and Renzo López as offensive references.

Boca has everything defined for the match. Sebastián Battaglia changes names and returns to the scheme with a single striker to bring the three points from Santiago del Estero. Darío Benedetto will be the offensive reference, while Eduardo Salvio will return to the starting lineup after the incident with his ex-wife in Puerto Madero. The last time the former Lanús footballer started a game with the Boca shirt was on April 2 against Arsenal, at the Bombonera.

Welcome to the coverage of the match that from 7:00 p.m. is being played in Santiago del Estero Central, Córdoba and Boca, for date 12 of the Professional League Cup. The xeneize team arrives in the midst of internal turmoil, after the 1-1 draw with Godoy Cruz at La Bombonera. I am Alejandro Casar González and I am going to accompany you with the minute by minute of the meeting.