Central accentuated the crisis, lost ugly with Lanús and hit rock bottom

Central hit bottom and it is not a metaphorical phrase. It’s reality. The scoundrel, after the very hard defeat against Lanús by 3 to 1, it was last in the position table of zone 2. The team now Leandro Somoza is on an endless slide, with an incipient cycle of four games in which there was only one draw (Colon) and three defeats (Tiger, Aldosivi and now Lanus). The football crisis in the club creek It is crudely unleashed and the sooner the answers must appear on and off the field. The team is blocked, they hardly have the physicality to be in the game in some passages and the individual rebellion does not appear either.

Thus the scoundrel sinks and cannot continue giving away points that tomorrow may cost him dearly. That he no longer has a chance of qualifying does not mean that he meekly surrenders to the rival. It is time to react. The answer is from the leaders, coaching staff and players. And this response should appear immediately. To continue like this is to walk straight into the abyss. The visit to Lanus intensified the debacle. Even on a team with no game, Emiliano Vecchio he was in the stalls for not being cited.


Central had moments in which he showed some rebellion, but it was not enough.

Photo: Sebastián Suárez Meccia / The Capital.

The first warning of the night was from the garnet, with the header of Joseph Lopez who controlled in two times servant. In that dawn of the initial stage, the scoundrel responded with a double action of risk. White he put the precise stab for the Pupi Ferreyrawho found an oasis to turn facing the bow and took out a poisonous whip that activated the reflexes of Monetti. The danger continued Marcelo Benitez He finished off cross, but again the garnet goalkeeper providentially slapped.

Central midway through the first half, he managed to gain a footing, added passes judiciously into the enemy field, based on good handling of Benitez and mobility of Pupi Ferreyra. By then the scoundrel feigned to take the reins, collecting passes and winning rebounds in the middle. Even he was able to take the lead after a corner kick to the near post from Benitez who nodded in advance Almada.

But Lanus, he had started lazy, he decided to speed up. Brian Aguirre he shot from outside and the ball kissed the ceiling of the crossbar. Somoza’s team was saved. And at 28 minutes the rogue good intentions were shattered. The defense was left open and badly stopped, sand He went to the area to look for the ball almost at a trot and with all the liberties he took out the low center so that the other José del Garnet, López, entered like a pancho through his house and finished off Servio from close range.

Lanús vs Rosario Central (3-1) Summary And Goals Argentine League Cup 2022

In a game that at that time was even and with Central with greater tenure, everything came crashing down on those of Somoza. Because at the back he once again had the consistency of flan and that is why the garnet scored another “easy” goal, like so many others he received in this extremely poor tournament.

The auriazul DT watched the game with his arms open and his left hand on his chin. The team was clouded until halftime. There were 45 minutes left to change the image or continue to suffer.

That’s why in the restart it came out Walter Montoya and jumped into the field Lucas Prawn. Pupi went on to play as a forward midfielder on the right and Gamba as a link with the strikers Reuben Y Suitcase. Ferreyra just had it with his head, but the ball went out near the left post.


Ruben had no clear chances to finish and showed the same confusion as the rest of the team.

Ruben had no clear chances to finish and showed the same confusion as the rest of the team.

Photo: Sebastián Suárez Meccia / The Capital.

Central He went back to the game for a while. He planted himself in another’s field and was injured in search of losing. But the momentum from the locker room lasted just 15 minutes. Because the historical figures of Lanús got together to bring the scoundrel to his knees. combination between sand, the Laura Acosta Y Diego Valeryso that the latter puts the bow on the second garnet and plunges the knife deeper into the visiting wound.

Indoors Jacob Y Caraglio, for Ojeda Y Suitcase. Gamba tried from outside and after the detour in Braghieri the ball hit the post. Not even that came out to the scoundrel, who at that point was dazed on the field, uncomfortable, like walking through the coals.

The same the scoundrel pushed to pure shame because Lanús, despite the goals in favor, had nothing left over. Reuben twice prowled the discount. But the tombstone was placed at the exit of a corner Maximilian Gonzalezheading completely free of marks after the rest of Damián Martínez, almost in a golden tribute to the Statue of Liberty.

Inside Tanlongo by Pupi Ferreyra to try to put a tourniquet on the already irreversible bleeding. There was time left for Benítez’s discount after a center by Damián Martínez.

Central He ended up going by inertia, with few ideas and almost out of obligation. The fish had been sold for some time and the fishing team Somoza collected another defeat, the third of the cycle in four games, where he barely added against Colon.

Central is in serious trouble. He plays ugly, badly, he doesn’t react, he was beaten by the last one in his area and now at the bottom of the table is precisely this dilapidated rogue team. All wrong.