Carlos Sainz and Ferrari sign the renewal of their contract


Much was made of the suitability of Carlos Sainz’s arrival at Ferrari when the deal was made public even before the 2020 Formula 1 season began, marked by the pandemic. The driver from Madrid had just had a great season with McLaren, a team in which he ended up after losing his seat at Renault, directly benefiting from Fernando Alonso’s retired season.

Until the end of 2024

At McLaren, with a two-year contract, Sainz gave his best. Enough to convince an entire Ferrari that chose him to replace nothing more and nothing less than a four-time world champion like Sebastian Vettel, who was not retiring, but his performance was no longer convincing. This condition automatically put Carlos Sainz at the top of the Formula 1 world.

But Sainz began his work with Ferrari without putting a ceiling on himself. Carlos acknowledged not being up to Leclerc on the first dates, going so far as to affirm at times that even the car was driving him. It wasn’t until the championship was already advancing that Sainz stated that he already felt he had the car under control, and when Carlos went from minimizing damage to attacking. The end of the season caught even Ferrari itself by surprise, since with a podium finish in Abu Dabhi Sainz overtook Leclerc and ended the year in fifth position as the best driver of the rest.

Already at the end of last year, the first talks took place to renew the contract of a driver who had satisfied Ferrari’s claims, as shown by the fact that he went down in history as the first Maranello driver to finish all the races in his first season. , missing the points in only two. Sainz’s environment already assured that the renewal was coming, however it was not until this April when the definitive document was signed.

It has not been a frictionless negotiation. Although both parties wanted to extend their agreement, the duration of the contract presented problems. Sainz asked for a two-year contract, affirming that when he has driven the best he has been with the security of not having to think about each race that the position was at stake. Ferrari, for its part, wanted the one plus one modality, a crude way of saying that it prefers to ratify the agreement year after year instead of placing complete trust in the driver.

Fight for the title

Finally, an agreement has been reached that is reflected in this renewal until the end of 2024, that is, finally with the two seasons longed for by the Spanish pilot.

“I am very happy to have renewed my contract with Scuderia Ferrari. I have always said that there is no better Formula 1 team to compete in and after more than a year with them, I can confirm that putting on this racing suit and representing this team is unique and incomparable. My first season at Maranello was solid and constructive, with the whole group progressing together. The result of all that work has been clear so far this season. I feel strengthened by this renewed show of confidence in myself and Now I can’t wait to get in the car, do my best for Ferrari and give its fans a lot to rejoice in. The F1-75 is proving to be a favourite, which may allow me to pursue my goals on track, starting with my first victory in Formula 1.”Said Carlos Sainz.

“I have said several times that I think we have the best driver pairing in Formula 1 and that is why, with each passing race, it seemed like a completely natural step to extend Carlos’ contract, thus ensuring stability and continuity. so far with the team, he has shown to have the talent we expected from him, delivering impressive results and making the most of every opportunity Outside the car he is a tireless worker and attentive to the smallest detail, which has helped the whole group to improve and progress. Together, we can aim for ambitious goals and I am sure that, together with Charles, he can play an important role in nurturing the Ferrari legend and writing new chapters in the history of our team.”added Mattia Binotto.

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