Carlos Maslatón could not eat in a restaurant and his followers took revenge in the worst way | Chronicle

To the lawyer and financial specialist Carlos Maslatón was not allowed to dine in a restaurant at the Hippodrome of Palermo because of the shoes he was wearing and he unleashed a scandal on Twitter. After telling what happened, the networks exploded and their followers took revenge in a very particular way.

Maslatón, who had a brief stint in politics, has become very popular in recent years among young people for his way of tweeting. Also, since last year He describes himself as Javier Milei’s “pointer” ahead of the 2023 presidential elections.

As he said last Thursday, he was rejected at the Bagatelle restaurant because of the shoes he was wearing.Spectacular tonight at Bagatelle del Hipodromo. I have been inadmissible in the restaurant for presenting myself with slippers instead of shoes or military boots”.

Then, after going to another place for dinner, he showed a photo of his shoes next to his companion’s. “Look at these two photos. The one on the left, my friend’s shoes. The one on the right, my shoes. According to the Bagatelle restaurant at the Hippodrome, where I was not admitted tonight, my friend’s shoes go and mine not because they contain shock absorber. Everything in Argentina is joda”, wrote.

The publication got recommendations of all kinds. For example, from the Right in Shoes account, you told him that By law they can only refuse if there is a sign that lists the requirements for admission, otherwise you can enter straight in slippers.”

There were also many users who advised to report the incident to INADI, because it was a case of discrimination, but the lawyer discarded that option: “Denounce the Bagatelle Restaurant to INIADI or another nefarious division of the government because they blocked my entrance? Are you crazy? I govern myself, gentlemen. They can attack and I can organize my defense and counterattack. I don’t even believe in “justice”.

And I add: “It’s also kind of boludi… calling the authority, it’s like at school when they attack you, how are you going to go against the teacher, the director or your mother? Tand defend yourself directly and let it be what God wants”.

But retaliation against the restaurant was not long in coming. Maslatón’s followers decided to take revenge and wrote a glarge number of reviews rating the restaurant negatively: caused the place’s rating to drop from 4.5 to 2.7 stars on Google.

“In no way can I not respond. My honor is at stake. Any attack on me, and more for social reasons, will always be answered. Not reported. Yes exposed with arguments. They, from Bagatelle, can proceed, so can I.”said the cryptocurrency specialist.

“The Bagatelle Restaurant, of the Argentinian Hippodrome of Palermo, He has made a huge mistake by declaring war on me based on the already obvious false reason for the shoe. I warned them not to proceed and they didn’t want to listen. For ideological reasons, I now have to defend myself,” he added.

But the story did not end there, because over the weekend Maslatón shared with his followers that he was surprised with a reservation to visit the restaurant next Thursday, but that he had not made.

The last chapter of the scandal occurred this Monday morning with a new post on Twitterr. “Now the Bagatelle Restaurant at the Hippodrome cancels my reservation for this Thursday, a reservation that I had not requested and that arrived without asking for it after they blocked my entry to the establishment on Thursday the 2nd under the false argument of my On shoes with shock absorbers”, Maslaton wrote.