Carlos Bianchi turns 73: he does not plan to direct again, talks with Juan Román Riquelme and follows Boca and Vélez on TV

One of the most important coaches in the history of Argentine football Carlos Bianchi turns 73 today. Definitively withdrawn from his great passion, today he spends his days enjoying a lot with family and friends and without making public appearances. Even, he has been three years without going to the court.

The Viceroy is loved in Boca and Velez, the clubs where he won absolutely everything and is still an idol today. He wrote the most important chapters of glory in the Copa Libertadores and at a world level, conquering the Intercontinental Cup against rivals of the size of Milan and Real Madrid.

as far as he could tell TN, bianchi will no longer direct. Sharp and without turns, he revealed it to employees of the Senate of the Nation two weeks ago when he made a tour with his wife Margarita. He took photos and chatted kindly with everyone who came to ask him for an opinion on the present of Boca, Vélez, Messi at Paris Saint Germain or simply to ask how he was.

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The 73 years find Bianchi in good health and much calmer than in 2020 and 2021, when he suffered from the pandemic. His friends say that he spent a lot of time locked up and that he was afraid, like many people. Now, he returned to his social activities with his family and his inner circle. But always away from football: he no longer thinks of directing nor does he go to the field. He only watches games on television.

His last step in football was in 2014, when in August Boca decided to terminate his contract due to poor results. His last match was a defeat against Estudiantes de La Plata by 3-1. Since then, he definitively closed the doors to football.

“I saw him very well, he is great in the head and eager to talk about football. He told us that he is no longer going to direct and that now it is time to enjoy the family “Federico Pérez Rivero told TNemployee of the Senate of the Nation, who chatted with Bianchi two weeks ago and even took a photo.

“We touched on Boca news and he even talked about PSG and politics. I asked him about Battaglia. He spoke of the entire golden age of Boca and Vélez. Always very friendly,” he added.

Carlos Bianchi toured the National Senate and took photos with the employees. Photo: Federico Pérez Rivero.

On April 7, Bianchi was celebrating with friends on the birthday of teacher Julio Santella, a member of his coaching staff in the golden stage of Vélez and Boca. One of the main slopes of it.

Hugo Basilotta, owner of the Guaymallén alfajores, and friend of the Viceroy, uploaded a photo to his social networks where he is seen surrounded by his circle of friends and former colleagues such as Santella and Carlos Ischia.

As if the years did not pass, Bianchi looked impeccable. He always elegantly dressed. With his family and away from the world of soccer, where he achieved the most important successes that a manager can aspire to: four Copa Libertadores titles and three World Cup titles between Boca and Vélez.

Carlos Bianchi on Julio Santella's birthday.  Photo: Hugo Basilotta.
Carlos Bianchi on Julio Santella’s birthday. Photo: Hugo Basilotta.

Bianchi hasn’t been on the pitch for three years

The Viceroy prefers not to go to the court. not show up He maintains a very good relationship with Juan Román Riquelme, who calls him to ask for football advice for his management at Boca, and he also has a relationship with Sergio Rapisarda, president of Vélez.

The last time he was seen in a stadium was in September 2019, at the Fortín de Liniers, when he was in his box watching a Vélez win. That day he took as a gift a tribute shirt from the 1968 team that he was part of as a striker and scorer.

He only returned to La Bombonera in 2015 to lead one of the teams in the farewell of Sebastián Battaglia as coach. It was a year after Daniel Angelici’s decision to fire him as coach, and he only accepted the invitation because it was about Battaglia, one of the most emblematic players of his winning years at Boca.

“He watches a lot of football on television, he loves it as always, it is his passion, he follows everything that happens with Boca and Vélez, they call him, they are aware of everything, but he prefers not to show himself and not go to the field. He is in another stage of his life and enjoys his family very much ”one of his friends told TN. “He is very well in every way, he knows that football was a beautiful stage but that it is over and now he has to enjoy everything he did”added this trusted person.

In September 2019 it was the last time that Bianchi was on a pitch in Argentine soccer.  He went to see Velez.  Photo: Velez Sarsfield.
In September 2019 it was the last time that Bianchi was on a pitch in Argentine soccer. He went to see Velez. Photo: Velez Sarsfield.

Bianchi, idol at PSG

Long before Paris Saint Germain became one of the most financially powerful clubs in the world, Carlos Bianchi shone in the number 9 shirt, scoring 71 goals in 80 games over two seasons. He could not be champion but he left a great memory.

When Lionel Messi landed at PSG a year ago, the club interviewed him in which he assured that Leo is the best footballer in history.

Carlos Banchi is an idol at PSG, where he was a scorer between 1977 and 1979. The photos are from 2019, the last time he was in the Parc des Princes.
Carlos Banchi is an idol at PSG, where he was a scorer between 1977 and 1979. The photos are from 2019, the last time he was in the Parc des Princes.For: PHOTO: official PSG.

Carlos Bianchi’s titles as DT

In Velez: 6

Clausura 93, Apertura 95, Clausura 96. Copa Libertadores 1994, Copa Intercontinental 1994 and Copa Interamericana 1996.

In Mouth: 9

Apertura 98, Clausura 99, Apertura 2000 and Apertura 2003. Libertadores Cup 2000, 2001 and 2003 and Intercontinental Cup 2000 and 2003.