Campazzo’s future in the NBA after Denver’s elimination against Golden State: the key date and possible stakeholders

Campazzo finished his second season in the NBA with the Denver Nuggets (Getty Images via AFP)

The second season for Facundo Campazzo in the NBA is over. With the triumph of Golden State Warriors a Denver Nuggets By 102-98, the San Francisco franchise won the first round series 4-1 and became the first team to advance to the next phase in the Western Conference.

As happened throughout the series, the Argentine point guard hardly saw any action: he entered at the start of the second quarter of the game that was played at the Chase Center and remained on the court for 3.07 minutes in which he was able to distribute an assist and grab a rebound.

Everything indicates that these were his last contributions to Denver. After going through much of the second stage of the season relegated to the bench by decision of Michael Malonethe coach of the Nuggets, who preferred to give his place in the rotation to the young Bones-Hyland, Facu’s future would be outside the Colorado franchise.

The statistics are eloquent in the analysis of the last few months for Campazzo in the NBA. After the break for the All Star Game, when he was one step away from being traded to another team but finally no place was found to be transferred, Facu he only saw action in 11 of 24 games with an average of 8 minutes on the court. And in the series against Golden State he managed to play 13 minutes in total -he did not enter games 1 and 4 of the tie-.

Faced with Malone’s choice to take advantage of Hyland’s athleticism and scoring ability, added to the fact that Jamal Murray, the other star that the Nuggets have and who missed the entire season due to injury, will be back next season, the formula of the The team indicates that Monte Morris will return to his place as a backup point guard and that the 21-year-old will be the third baseman.

The Argentine point guard only played 13 minutes in the series against Golden State (Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports)
The Argentine point guard only played 13 minutes in the series against Golden State (Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports)

Campazzo is one of five players to have their contracts terminated by the Colorado franchise. In addition to the Cordovan, the others who could follow his path are the Slovenian and friend of Facu Vlatko Cancar, Austin Rivers, Bryn Forbes and DeMarcus Cousinyes These last two arrived in the middle of the season to reinforce the squad on the way to the playoffs.

Now, the situation for Facundo is presented as follows: As of June 30, number 7 will be an unrestricted free agent.. What does that mean in the market? That he will be able to negotiate with any team in the NBA, even with the Nuggets themselves if they finally decide to offer him to continue.

A few days ago, in an interview he gave to NBA Latin AmericaCampazzo himself stated that his future is uncertain, but he made it clear that his idea is to continue competing in what is the best basketball league in the world and which he only landed in when he was 29 years old.

“I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. For the next few years I want to stay in this league for as long as I can. What the physique and talent gives me. Later it will be seen. If Real Madrid has always been like my home, it may well come back. If they want me. Now I am calm, but two months from now, I get anxious”said the Argentine.

Now, while enjoying his family, Campazzo and his agents will work on his continuity in the NBA. Once the playoffs began, the version circulated that one of the teams that could go looking for him would be the Atlanta Hawks. The middle Bleacher Report He was in charge of drawing up a list of which players the 30 franchises in the league should look for and the Cordovan appeared as a key piece for those from Georgia.

Campazzo finished with an average of 5.1 points, almost 2 rebounds and more than 3 assists in the 65 games he saw action in 2021-2022
Campazzo finished with an average of 5.1 points, almost 2 rebounds and more than 3 assists in the 65 games he saw action in 2021-2022

“Trae Young is a brazen irritant, and the Atlanta Hawks should lean into the identity established by their best player. Facundo Campazzo has a history of crossing the line between game and unsportsmanlike play, and he’s exactly the kind of irritating physical presence the Hawks could use to complement Young’s less confrontational brand.”

During the beginning of February, the deadline for transfers, rumors suggested that the former point guard Peñarol from Mar del Plata could be an option to join LeBron James’s Los Angeles Lakers. Now, after the failure of not having qualified for the postseason, which led to the firing of coach Frank Vogel, it will be necessary to see how the new squad will be formed.

Another possible scenario, which was also mentioned when Denver looked for an outlet for the Argentine after the coach’s decision to relegate him to the rotation, was to reach the cleveland cavaliers, one of the franchises that has the most young talent in the NBA and that played the play-in in the East but fell to Brooklyn and Atlanta. With darius garland As a new star from the leadership, it will be necessary to see if Rajan Rondo continues, an experienced of a thousand battles in the league, or it was also mentioned that the one who could return to the team after being exchanged after his injury is the Spanish Ricky Rubio.

“I’m optimistic. They told me about some interest from other franchises, there were even them in times of trade, but they did not suit the Nuggets. The important thing is that he is fine, I saw him very well these days, ”said his agent in Argentina, Claudia Villanueva, in the last hours ahead of Campazzo’s next season. Now, it only remains to wait to find out where we will see those magical passes again and the classic energy that Facu offers every time he goes out on the court.


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