Brazil-Argentina: when would it be done? the unfinished match of the qualifiers according to FIFA

FIFA stood out. He did not even wait for the failure of his appeals court and confirmed that the match suspended after 5 minutes between Brazil and Argentina for the South American qualifiers must be played on September 22 next, almost two months before the World Cup in Qatar. The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) has to inform the venue. You can choose a stadium in your territory, or select a foreign city, in which case it must be approved by FIFA and AFA. Late this Thursday, the Persian Gulf (Bahrain, Dubai or Qatar itself) was being considered as the setting for the South American classic.

There Lionel Scaloni’s Argentina could have played with Saudi Arabia, a friendly that was practically agreed but which was withdrawn when it was learned that Arabs and Albicelestes would share their group in the World Cup. The same thing happened with the test matches against Mexico that were scheduled in the United States.

The FIFA document that said the match would be played in Brazil

Resolution Brazil vs Argentina for Qatar 2022 qualifiers

The statement in which FIFA informs the date of the meeting is addressed to the general secretary of the AFA, Victor White. But it contains a peculiarity: the first document that arrived at the Viamonte street offices established Brazil as the venue for the party, something that when FIFA decided that the meeting was completed had not been clear. Both Argentines and Brazilians assumed that the rest of the confrontation would take place in a neutral stadium, and that this would be another penalty for CBF for not having taken sufficient precautions at the time as the organizer of the South American tie. Later, FIFA rectified. And he derived the decision on the venue of the meeting to CBF. Which, of course, you can choose a Brazilian stadium. Nothing prevents it. AFA, in principle, is required to appear.

Anyway, Lionel Scalloni (coach) and Claudio “Chiqui” Tapiapresident of AFA, they don’t want to face the official match. What’s more: in the last two points of the appeal to FIFA after the February resolution that forced the match to be repeated, AFA expressly requests that Brazil be declared defeated and the fine received be eliminated. In addition, he demands that the decision to repeat the match be repealed, understanding that the South American qualifiers have already concluded and the result becomes abstract: nothing changes in the final positions and both Argentina and Brazil are classified.

The FIFA document without the venue of the match in Brazilian territory

Resolution Brazil vs Argentina for Qatar 2022 qualifiers
Resolution Brazil vs Argentina for Qatar 2022 qualifiers

In the Viamonte street offices, however, they believe that the game will never be played. Today’s statement practically assumes that the Argentine appeal (as well as the Brazilian) will be rejected. Otherwise, a date for the match would not have been set. In the offices of both the CBF and the AFA they were convinced that the ruling would be issued on May 9. Then they had to wait another month to receive the reasons for the denied appeal.

In this scenario, knowing that FIFA’s decision is to play the game no matter what, the AFA already knows that it has only one instance left to avoid the match: the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). That is where his appeal would arrive in June, so on that date the judicial proceedings would begin that would conclude with the final verdict of the case. Close to President Claudio Tapia there are those who they believe that the TAS would give the AFA a precautionary measure that would prevent the match from being held until the underlying issue was resolved. That is, until there is a final ruling.

The summary of the game suspended in San Pablo

“CAS never goes against what FIFA decides”, anticipated a source familiar with the matter from the Old Continent. The issue, in short, is not the final decision (which everything indicates that it will be the obligation to play the match that could barely be played for five minutes due to the invasion of officials from the Brazilian health authority). The bottom line is the timing.: the TAS does not usually have express failures. In other words, he takes his time to listen to the parties and to form the arbitration panel. With the date of the meeting set for September 22, and speculating that the procedure will begin in early June, the days would not be enough to reach a resolution.

A) Yes, the TAS could only arrive at a ruling on a date very close to the start of the World Cup. In the AFA they are sure that this scenario would ridicule the party, framed in qualifying rounds that will have ended months before. There is also another question: would it be useful for Argentines and Brazilians to meet in an official match a few months before the start of the World Cup? Both Tite and Scaloni have already made it clear that they do not want to. A source from the bowels of the Viamonte street building was more explicit: “If they want to play friendlies, there are no problems. But the official match… by no means”. For this reason, the AFA gave the go-ahead for the rehearsal on June 11 in Melbourne (Australia) precisely with Brazil and for a millionaire cachet. And there’s another detail: the TV rights to the playoff game are already sold.

What do they think in Brazil? The president of the CBF, Ednaldo RodriguesHe has only been in office for a month. But his goal was always bring the Brazilian national team closer to the people. In this sense, the top soccer leader in that country sees the continental classic as “an opportunity.” Contrary to Tite (coach), who has already shown his reservations in public and in private about the match, or Juninho (sports director), The president does want to play the suspended match after the invasion of the Brazilian health agency (Anvisa) to the pitch of the Arena Corinthians, in São Paulo, where the match was taking place.

Tite, coach of the Brazilian team that will leave his post after the World Cup in Qatar, speaks with his Argentine colleague Lionel Scaloni, after the suspension of the match in São Paulo played by Argentina and Brazil for the South American qualifiers, and which FIFA has now rescheduled for on september 22
Tite, coach of the Brazilian team that will leave his post after the World Cup in Qatar, speaks with his Argentine colleague Lionel Scaloni, after the suspension of the match in São Paulo played by Argentina and Brazil for the South American qualifiers, and which FIFA has now rescheduled for on september 22Gustavo Pagano – Getty Images South America

Like Argentina, Brazil has already given the go-ahead for the June 11 friendly in Melbourne, which integrates a package of matches signed with the English company Pitch. Beyond the fact that both coaches are more seduced by measuring themselves against European teams, they will use that match to collect some good dollars and polish the list that, a few months later, will be the final one for the Qatar World Cup. The great objective of both.