Boss finds his waiters eating leftovers and scolds managers

  • The restaurant industry has a representation of 12.2 percent in the Mexican economy.

  • The businessman gave a clear example of leadership with his collaborators and sent a recommendation to those restaurant managers to improve their relationship with their work team.

  • There is a fine line between a boss and a leader that is well received by the workers, a fact that can boost the image of a brand.

A multi-restaurant owner shows his expertise by seeing his waiters eating leftoverslaunching a call to the managers of the world.

The restaurant industry is shown as indispensable today, allowing millions of diners to purchase food made professionally or by hand and satisfy their need to eat, or simply to taste their palate with a delight of gastronomic culture.

According to the data from the study “Knowing the Restaurant Industry” carried out by the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics (INEGI), restaurants represent 12.2 percent of all businesses in the country with 581 thousand 530 unitswhich generate a little more than two million jobs, that is to say that millions of people who work in this field obtain their income thanks to these small businesses distributed throughout the republic.

There are all kinds of positioning bets in this industry, such as those restaurants that focus on preparing fast food or more specialized dishes such as à la carte preparation service, tacos and tortas, self-service, as well as also those that sell hamburgers, pizzas and others, where a whole work team is behind to attend the tables, prepare the dishes, manage the place, collect payment from customers and other positions that are considered essential for lead a restaurant to a promising future.

The restaurant entrepreneur Jorge Cueva, also known on social networks as Mr Tempo, has told his followers about his experience where, when opening one of his restaurants in Mexico, he encountered a particular action on the part of his waiters, who were eating the leftovers from their guests’ plates.

“When I first arrived in Mexico, they ate the waste from their plates. The dishes that the clients returned, I caught them eating from the plate”.

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Managers, be aware of your employees, take care of them, treat them well, feed them. There are many employees who do that and more in our countries”, mentioned Mr Tempo after remembering how his waiters were eating leftovers.

These words have managed to captivate users, who make comments such as “it is something that not everyone does”, “that is why you are successful, because you are not selfish”, “he is one of the few people who, despite his successes, do not forget where they come from and that is good humility”, “what a father that you are like this with your employees”, among other types of thoughts that demonstrate the good reception of a leader in the workplace.

The exercise of leadership in a company is of vital importance to guide it towards a prosperous future, both internally and externally; however, some small actions may not be entirely well received by the employees, causing a poor perception of their working life in the organization where they work, causing a sense of non-conformity towards their company and, therefore, little motivation, loyalty and goal achievement.

According to Patricia Salazar, coach and expert in the area of ​​Human Resources, it is important that today’s leaders develop some essential characteristics to prevent an employee from feeling dissatisfied in their work, including:

  • Adaptation of changes to proposals and opinions of the team.
  • Consider your work as a part of a gear and not as a whole.
  • Encourage active listening with your collaborators
  • Seek the complete development of the collaborator and thus go beyond the result and productivity.
  • Guide employees towards the business vision and thus make them believe in it and share it.

This type of action would encourage the workers of a company to feel more identified and committed to their workplacea fact that directly affects the service attitude of the collaborators.

An example of this type of actions “worthy” of a leader, we had it when a newly admitted employee of the company OMG Peru was infected with Covid, getting the attention of their new CEOwho sent him a letter written in his own handwriting mentioning that he regretted said situation and hoped for its prompt improvement, a fact that enhanced the image of the company in the minds of the collaborator and other professionals in social media.

Today’s workers are looking for leadersbeyond the “traditional” bosses.

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