Boca transmits that the change of Hugo Ibarra by Sebastián Battaglia did him more harm than the elimination in the Copa Libertadores

Mouth he is still caught up in his confusion. There is no style or individualities. You must begin to question whether it was not more damaging to throw Sebastian Battaglia to be eliminated in Libertadores Cup. He threw everything overboard and it is clear that it cannot be rearmed overnight. She is not getting it for free to have knocked down a cycle and pretend to solve it with Hugo Ibarra patch, that a minute before being appointed, he could not have imagined the responsibility that was going to be placed in his hands.

It is known how Battaglia was sacked: he was not condemned by the penalty shootout against Corinthians, but by a public complaint about the reinforcements that did not arrive. It could have been verbal incontinence at the wrong time. Made by someone who was normally succinct and composed in his statements. He was wrong once and there was no leniency or understanding. The Football Council that he presides over Juan roman riquelme He made him pay hard, perhaps thinking more about pride and his own ego than what was convenient for Boca.

Exequiel Zeballos, in the middle of the celebration of Nicolás Reniero and Franco Moyano in one of the goals of Argentinos.Mauro Alfieri – THE NATION

This Ibarra, who started by opening practices to the press a couple of times a week and giving conferences, left the stadium in silence last night Diego Armando Maradona. Difficult to explain and justify the 2-0 loss to Argentinos. A drop that exceeds what happened in the 90 minutes and involves the tsunami of negative episodes that were triggered since the elimination in the Libertadores.

Compact of Argentines 2 vs. mouth 0

There is discouragement and football dispersion in Boca. Terrible moment to come across an Argentine whose current situation is opposite, full of energy and with very clear ideas.

The changes of pieces and approach that Ibarra made they made Boca worse. They were far from provoking a reaction regarding the level that the team brought. During the first half, Boca was disjointed, frayed, with difficulties to counteract the greater coordination and push of Argentinos.

Except for some isolated arrest, he did not impose conditions in the first 45 minutes. He was always in tow of a rival who pressured him and made him feel uncomfortable in all sectors. Carlos Zambrano and Marcos Rojo went out to break and they almost always did it with foules. Jorman Campuzano and Pol Fernández did not mix well in the double pivot, there was no synchronicity or coverage. A Gabriel Carbajal It was not difficult for him to find a gap between the two of them to take a right hand that entered an angle by Rossi.

Darío Benedetto tries a pair of scissors that won't work out for him;  No. 9 entered in the second half.
Darío Benedetto tries a pair of scissors that won’t work out for him; No. 9 entered in the second half.Mauro Alfieri – THE NATION

Argentinos was convinced of his plan, the one that has him fighting as one of the pointers of the Professional League. He plays as a team, with all the simplicity that it means to say it and how complex it is to put it into practice. Gabriel Millito gave him an identity. He does not have too much individual quality, but he compensates with collective commitment and a strong mentality. If it is necessary to fight, it does not remove the body from any fray. And with the ball they are an aggressive team to attack, they cover the width of the field and on the inside they have Vera’s engine and Carbajal’s punch.

Boca was passive for too long, taking time to meet, which was a sin against an adversary who did not give him respite, who hung around his neck to make him feel the rigor.

There were no societies in Boca. Up, Luis Vazquez and Nicolas Orsini each one played his game, mostly inconsequential on the part of the two, although Orsini had thrown a couple of diagonals to distance himself; in one he was off-side by centimeters and in the other his definition was covered by Nahuel Lanzilotta. Orsini’s relationship with the goal in Boca is a story of continuous disagreements.

With a mouth pretty to the drift, Without understanding what his role should be, Argentinos dealt him a second blow, now with the ball stopped. Carbajal’s sensitive foot put a free kick from the right to the head of Gaston Veron, who beat Luis Advíncula in the jump and hit a rainy header that Rossi could only watch.

Marcos Rojo claims Fernando Rapallini, with Fausto Vera nearby.
Marcos Rojo claims Fernando Rapallini, with Fausto Vera nearby.Mauro Alfieri – THE NATION

The 2-0 rewarded the best first time for Argentinos. In Boca, Zeballos and Villa had been drowned on the wings by Bicho’s redoubled mark. Argentinos did not give an inch to a rival who did not do much to earn it.

Ibarra may have thought that with the initial formation he was in a position to fix the weak first half, but given the evidence that the panorama did not change substantially, 15 minutes into the second he made two changes. Agustin Sandez replaced a Fabra who did not like leaving and Oscar Romero replaced Orsini, with which the double point was broken and the system was adjusted more to a 4-3-3.

Boca had more possession, but with few ideas and without much depth. Argentinos fell back a bit, gave up the initiative and bet on the counterattack. Very applied in the containment in his own field, the possibility of disturbing with some reply was very isolated.

Nicolás Orsini sees the ball pass in one of Boca's messy attacks.
Nicolás Orsini sees the ball pass in one of Boca’s messy attacks.Mauro Alfieri – THE NATION

Vázquez, who seemed to have more head in an imminent transfer than in the match, left his place to Darius Benedetto. In his divorce with the goal, the No. 9 attempted a scissors inside the area as imperfect as any of the penalties he recently executed. Boca’s impotence became contagious, no one came to the rescue. The dialogues between the players took place trying to order themselves.

Each aerial ball for Reniero was a danger to his humanity due to the elbows and swipes of Rojo and Zambrano, given the permissiveness of fernando rapallini. The Argentinos striker was substituted after the last hit.

Mouth could not be straightened with anything or anyone. Benedetto’s warning for a hard tackle on an opponent was a symptom of the disaster.

Boca had the ball throughout the second half without being able to create a clear scoring situation. Argentines never let up. The determination of the first stage to go for the advantage was followed by the substance of the second to defend it.

Argentinos was too much demand for this badly wounded Boca, who can hardly with his soul. With a lot of noise outside and a very pronounced emptiness inside the field. If given a choice, he would most likely take a long pause to rethink himself. As he is, he is a sleepwalking team.