Boca thinks about the transfer market: which position will it seek to reinforce in the middle of the year

The Football Council sets its sights on the June market and has already decided which part of the team to reinforce.

Little is said, but less and less is missing for the June transfer market, the busiest in European football, and the Advice soccer from Mouth he already has it between eyebrows. It is that, to classify to eighths of the Liberators, Juan Roman Riquelme and company know that they will have to incorporate players of hierarchy to fight hand in hand with the cuckoos of the Cup. That is why they already know which part of the team they want to reinforce

What position does Boca want to reinforce in the middle of the year?

The Advice soccer from Mouth has decided to incorporate hierarchy players from midfield onwards. According to Romanis the part of the playing field in which the Xeneize should have new features that can change the face of the team. That area will be the priority Xeneize in the next transfer market. Although they already incorporated there in the last period -Benedetto, Romero and Pol Fernández arrived- from the Council they want more variants in that area.

You also have to wait for possible exits that may occur in the future. What if the Council already knows that an offensive player from Boca can leave? Offers will arrive, as always, and it will be up to them to know whether to accept them or not. With overpopulation of soccer players in the zone of attack, It seems hard to imagine reinforcements arriving without some player leaving.

The future of Frank Fabra in Boca

Fank Fabra It’s in Mouth For more than six years, he has been the third captain of the Ribera team and on more than one occasion the vice president of the blue and gold entity, John Roman Riquelme, stated that it is to his soccer taste. However, on several occasions the Colombian winger was in the eye of the storm due to his distractions on the defensive side and the possibility of leaving Brandsen 805 appears in each transfer market. Today your representative Martin Araozspoke about it and left the door open.

“Fabra is already in his 6th year and a half in Boca, he has earned the captain’s belt in the team. In all these years he has shown that he is up to what he has to do in Boca“, commented in the first instance Araoz in dialogue with the radio program How Te Va, to later assure: “The player has to be good, keep his head straight when things don’t work out.” Then, he expressed himself about the current football of the Colombian side and his physical condition: “Frank is fine, at the time he had a little family problem, the pandemic took him away from his family. Today he is fine, in sports and physically well”and I add: “Frank performs well, the leadership and the coaching staff know it and that’s why they gave him the captain’s belt”.

Finally, the agent of the left-wing leader spoke about the future of the coffee footballer and did not rule out a possible departure from the Ribera club in the near future: “The June transfer market is the big market, because it is the time for several movements in Europe. Frank told me that he is comfortable. Maybe it can serve him and Boca with an exit. If something comes along, we will sit down with the leadership to chat it up.”

Boca prepares a final against Barracas Central for the Professional League Cup

Yes ok Battaglia He has not yet confirmed the team, the truth is that some names are practically sung since they cannot see action in the Cup Liberators for suspensions. Thus, it is expected that Sebastian town Y Darius Benedict are starters in the attack against Guapo. It is that the Colombian has not yet purged his six-game suspension for the events that occurred before Athletic mining in the last edition of the continental competition, while Pipa accumulated his third yellow card against Corinthians and the duel will be lost Always Ready for this reason. Both were part of the formal trial this morning and are emerging as headlines.

How is the likely Xeneize team? Agustin rossi; Luis advinculaCarlos ZambranoCarlos LeftzFrank Fabra; pole FernandezAlan VarelaJuan Ramirez; Oscar Rosemary; Sebastian town and Darius Benedict.

Corinthians beat Boca in Brazil

What Boca needs to qualify for the Professional League Cup

At the moment, Mouth is located in the second position in Zone B of the 2022 Professional League Cup with 21 points, four less than Estudiantes, who is already qualified for the second phase. of moved, a victory against Barracas Central will deposit Boca in the direct elimination stage without having to wait for any result.

On the contrary, a tie with Guapo will leave those from Battaglia with 22 points and Barracas without chances. There, the possibility of sealing the classification for those from La Boca will depend on Colón not beating Arsenal. Finally, a drop Mouth would leave barracks Central with 19 units and at Xeneize with 21, so everything would be defined in the last working dayeven with the chance that Colón will join the bidding if he beats Arsenal -he would also be left with 19 points-.

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