Boca got used to handling the turbulence and suffering with Corinthians in the Copa Libertadores

No one could add as a visitor in five games of the Group E of the Copa Libertadores and to Mouth was no exception. The visit to Corinthians did not break the streak. The Timao took advantage of the first deep attack, with which he discovered the xeneizes offering spaces for the rival to design the play at will, and gave the lunge in the second half, when Boca was torn between illusion and offensive anemia. Fagner launched the center without a mark, because Salvio was far from the action and the Colombian Fabra did not get to block; Maycon, with a header, did the rest before the passivity of the Peruvian Advíncula. The 1-0, at 5 minutes, marked the pulse for the rest of the match.

Aggressive to recover the ball and sharp to hurt on the right with the triangle formed by Fagner, Renato Augusto and Adson, the presence of Willian, a star tour of the Premier League -Chelsea and Arsenal-, in the opposite sector, was a key to which Corinthians resorted intermittently. Boca did not make a foot in a fast and slippery field, nor against a rival that occupied the spaces better. With Ramírez and Romero behind, Vázquez was left isolated and without support when he tried to bounce the long balls. Salvio drew a personal action and Vázquez – Benedetto entered in the second half, was reprimanded and will miss the match with Always Ready, in Bolivia- he was unable to push Medina’s assistance.

The idea of building a game from the bottom is a risk for a team that does not have the idea oiled and that makes the error always latent. The pressure on the second pass, an invitation for Corinthians, to which the vehemence of some players caused successive warnings for Fagner, Renato Augusto and Du Queiroz. The climate became rarefied, the friction became more and more recurrent and the Timaowho was dominant, began to lose prominence by getting involved in the battle: the systematic foul to destroy at the beginning was a registered trademark.

Each game is an exam for Boca, which got involved at the start of the Copa Libertadores in Colombia, with Deportivo Cali, and brought out the meeting with Always Ready (Bolivia) in the Bombonera. The turbulence is more in line with soccer performances than with the harvest of points, because without brilliance it remains among the four best in the League Cup and the intermittency -together with the irregularity of the rest of the teams that make up the group- allowed it to travel to Brazil in an expectant position. Corinthians also suffers: the defeat in the classic against Palmeiras unleashed the fury of the torcedors, who threatened the squad through, which is why the São Paulo club decided a blackout during three days of their social networks.

Ramírez battles with Adson; Fagner, wait; Corinthians limited Boca, whose defeat reduced the margin of error in the Copa LibertadoresAndre Penner – AP

The rival is not one more in the history of the xeneizes. Because despite the fact that in 1991 they were measured for the first time in the international tournaments of Conmebol and that the statistics of the crosses favor Boca, the Timao It caused a wound that the passage of time makes deeper, more painful. A decade ago, Corinthians frustrated the dream of the “seventh”, a number that has been elusive since 2007, when under the command of Miguel Ángel Russo he beat Gremio. On both occasions he defined in Brazilian territory and on both occasions the axis was Juan roman riquelme. In the conquest he was the star of the final series: from a free kick, showing his magnificent punch from outside the area and from an attack to push a ball that was loose in the small area, after a rebound granted by goalkeeper Sebastián Saja, the N °10 signed three of the five celebrations of the series.

Five years later, Corinthians – led by Tite, current Brazil coach – ruined the illusion and the defeat put a pause in the relationship between Riquelme and Boca. The preview of the second final was marked by a thick internal climate between the idol and coach Julio Falcioni and the communication to the squad that it would be his farewell had a deep impact on the team, which was shown on the field without soul, moved by those words of the emblem and leader. Emerson, with two thrusts, made the pain more acute. Today, Riquelme is vice president and the man who heads the Football Council, made up of Jorge Bermúdez, Marcelo Delgado and Raúl Cascini, while Corinthians has Alessandro as sports director, who played in the finals. And on the playing field Timao retains three glories of that star: goalkeeper Cassio, midfielder Paulinho and defender Fabio Santos.

The Peruvian Advíncula shoots down Willian, who elaborated the play of the second Corinthians goal
The Peruvian Advíncula shoots down Willian, who elaborated the play of the second Corinthians goalNELSON ALMEIDA – AFP

Ten years after that final with a novel tint, Boca fell again with Corinthians, which through a Maycon attack sentenced the result. The stumble will not configure the same damage, but the dense clouds will return to settle on a team that dangerously got used to living between storms.