Battaglia broke the silence: his claim to Riquelme, what he regrets and what hurt him the most about his dismissal from Boca

Former coach Xeneize spoke with Alejandro Fantino

This Friday, Sebastian Battaglia spoke for the first time since leaving Boca Juniors in an interview to Stray animalsthe cycle that is emitted by America TV. The former footballer recounted his feelings after what was the untimely dismissal of him as coach of the Xeneize after being eliminated in the round of 16 of the Libertadores Cup.

In the talk, the coach acknowledged that he did not like the way in which he was informed that he had to leave office: “The manner and form hurt me. At the end of the day, we all want good for Boca. When they told me that he was going to be Boca’s coach, they came to my house, we talked about it and I accepted it. I would have liked it to be the same way now, that they come to my house, that we talk a little more, as it should be”, He assured, remembering that he was fired at a service station. “They didn’t tell me why (they fired him), I didn’t ask why when they appointed me, but these are their decisions. I have my convictions and I accept the decisions”.

In addition, he maintained that he did not imagine this ending and that he had even told his footballers that, after having lost on penalties against Corinthians in La Bombonera, they had to continue fighting to face the next dates of the local tournament: “I am calm for the work we were doing at the group and team level, of identity, of promoting youth, a long-term project”.

Sebastián Battaglia’s dart to the Boca Football Council

Battaglia He also referred to the press conference after the elimination of the Libertadores. In that conference, he had criticized the Football Council for the lack of reinforcements in that transfer market: “Yes, surely it could have been accelerated, there are issues that one raises, and from then on they should be resolved in the time they should be resolved and they were not resolved. What’s more, important boys have left, or that were important, but they are situations that I do not handle“, had said.

That comment would have bothered the leadership of Boca Juniors and that is why the former coach of the Xeneize He regretted having said that minutes after the fall of his team: “At that moment I answered a question they asked me, maybe he should have said it before about the reinforcements. But I had been talking about it, he was talking about it with those who had to talk about it. At no time did I feel that he was going to offend my players or anyone. Maybe it was timeless, it could have been earlier or two days laterbut the subject had been raised before”.

At that point, Battaglia explained that he regretted not having been able to have more dialogue with the vice president of the institution: “I would have liked to have had more football talks with Riquelme. He did talk more with those on the Council (Chicho Serna, Bermúdez, Cascini and Chelo Delgado)”. That comment is surprising since Roman has always declared that he had constant dialogues with the coach.

On the other hand, he denied the versions that indicated that from the leadership they pointed out which soccer players should play and which ones should not: “There are always soccer talks, after the final decisions are up to the coach. You rely on what you trust the most, but there were always talks about football”.

With this posting, Battaglia had said goodbye to the Boca Juniors fans

The former Boca coach also revealed that after his dismissal he did not speak again with any of the members of the Football Council or with Riquelme and said that there was a decision of his that he did not like at first within the club: “I brought a sports coach . There was some resistance to working with a coach, but he helped us a lot.”

Despite everything, he made it clear that his support for the club remains the same as always: “I want Boca to do well, I didn’t do things for Boca to do badly. I want him to win now, I don’t want evil for Boca. I will always want the good for Boca”.

Sebastian Battagliathe winningest player in history (19 trophies) and one of the greatest idols of the institution, took over in August 2021 and achieved two titles: the latest editions of the Argentine Cup (2021) and the League Cup (2022). In all, he directed 55 gamesof which won 29, tied 16 and lost 10 (79 goals for and 42 against, plus an unbeaten fence on 25 occasions), and an effectiveness of 62 percent.

Under his command, the Xeneize had not won the last four games (barely one goal), with two defeats in the Professional League (against Unión de Santa Fe 1-2 and Banfield 0-3, both at home and with a team made up of a majority of substitutes and juniors) and two goalless draws (los of the series against Corinthians).


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