Batata Clerc, in depth: Vilas’s health, suicidal thoughts and a “betrayal” by Sebastián Báez

The former Argentine tennis player opened up in an interview and revealed details of his life after hanging up the racket.

Jose Luis Clerc is one of the most important Argentine tennis players in history: he is the second most title winner with 25behind such William Vilas with 62. Sweet potato reached fourth position of the ATP ranking on August 3, 1981, the year in which he arrived at the Roland Garros semi-finals (repeated in the following edition). But after the success with the racket, spent moments of sadness which he detailed in an interview he gave to the program Everything happensOf the radio Urban Play. Furthermore, he referred to Villa’s health and revealed a “Betrayal” by Sebastián Báezthe Argentine tennis player of the moment.

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The relationship between Clerc and Vilas

Although they have been confronted during their career as professionals, today Batata assures that they are great friends: “I miss him very much, I love him, I adore him. He is living in Monte Carlo”, assured. Then, she detailed a very important gesture that Willy had for him and his daughter Sophie, who is hard of hearing: “Vilas helped me in the worst moment of our relationship. It surprised me because we didn’t talk to each other, we were very, very fighting, I didn’t even want to see it. I called him to tell him that I needed himI told her about the problems she had because the school she had to go to only has 77 boys who have 45 teachers and you need a lot of money, a lot of money to support yourself. So I called him I told him that my wife was organizing an event and he replied: ‘I’m going’. I was frozen”.

How is Guillermo Vilas in health, according to Clerc

Vilas was diagnosed with a cognitive impairment disease, something that has kept him confined for some time now. In this regard, Batata commented: “Today I say ‘What a pity, what an asshole’, because he is in a bad way, I would like to be by his side. Guillermo Vilas is part of my life, he is not just any tennis player. For me he is the brother that I never had or that I had and It was very fast. So that’s why I love him, that I want him, that I say how many stupid things that many times when one is involved in a sport as competitive as tennis one does not realize it… it is a hunchbacked sport “.

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Batata Clerc and the difference in treatment it receives in Argentina and the rest of the world

“I played 10 years at Roland Garros and then I did about 15 or 16 more years of transmissions of that tournament, which is the one that when I was a child I saw and the dream of being a tennis player woke me up. When I had stopped playing and I had not been there for many years, , suddenly I was very lost inside one of the tournament stadiums, I went through a very small door and Suddenly a big man tells me: ‘Monsieur Clerc’ (Mr. Clerc), and here when I go to see a tournament they tell me: ‘Your ticket?'”, Batata explained about the difference in treatment he receives in Argentina and the rest of the world.

Batata Clerc and the “betrayal” of Sebastián Báez

Clerc delved into a little-known situation about the relationship between him and Sebastián Báez, the young Argentine tennis player who does not stop growing: “I had Báez from the ages of 10 to 18 at my school… I worked with a team of people among whom, of course, there were coaches. And well, he left with one of them (Sebastián Gutiérrez). I don’t see him today; I don’t come across him, actually, but the largest number of matches that touch me in the broadcasts that I make from a booth are from Sebastián Báez. What happened should not have happened “, sentenced. And when asked to explain the case in more detail, it was decisive: “Let’s continue with the note, let’s move on to another topic”.

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The life of José Luis Clerc after retiring from tennis: anxiety and suicidal ideas

“I can give anxiety classes to anyone. I suffered from it when I played, but the remedy was to play. The problem came after I retired, at the age of 27: the next 16 I had panic attacks”said Sweet Potato.

Then he referred to the suicidal thoughts that ran through his head: “I had them, yes, but I took it as a life lesson because I didn’t know what life was, everyday life, I mean. I remember that the first time I had a panic attack after the retreat I had a tachycardia, and my coach, who was my ground wire, was not there, he had passed away. I snuggled into him, who was my coach but also my friend, my father. What happened to me is that I had nothing to think about, I was at the divine button and I actually thought too much.”.

Along the same lines, Batata delved into this topic that made him go through difficult times: “When I talked about it with a therapist they told me not to make a problem of it because suicide is not spoken, but executed. But at that time I was so bad that I couldn’t see my children because I thought I was going to do something to them. I took it as a life lesson. In the United States I met a psychiatrist who gave me medication and I said ‘this is life’, because I I couldn’t even enjoy watering a plant. Today I am a happy guy cutting the grass, watering, talking to people. Before, if I had to go to the bathroom, I would ask for company, I needed company 24 hoursSomeone always by my side in case something happened to me. What is anxiety? is deaththat’s what happens in the head when in reality absolutely nothing happens, they are just ideas”.

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