Barcelona will move from the Camp Nou for a season: the historic stadium they chose to host

The new home of Barcelona. Photo: Wikipedia

The Barcelona will start reforming Camp Nou in June, after the city council granted permission for the works, which will last three years and they will make the cule moved to another location for the 2023-24 season.

The Catalan club will play next season’s matches in a Camp Nou almost full but will move to the Montjuic Olympic Stadium for the next campaign. This was announced by the president of the institution, Joan Laportain a joint press conference with the mayor Ada Colau.

The barca will move back to the Camp Nou in the 2024/25 seasonwith the works in progress and a capacity of 50%, Y laporta he expects the renovations to be finished in 2026.”The demolition at any earlier date would have meant having to play the 2022/23 season with only 50% capacity”, said the director. And he added: “Out of prudence and to minimize risks and protect next season’s revenue, we will keep a capacity of practically 100% and we will proceed to the demolition of the third tier when we go to Montjuic”.

The Barcelona and the City Council are working on the move and plan to announce details in the coming weeks. They will have to agree on the amount of rent for the stadium, which hosted the 1992 Olympicsas well as the necessary reforms for a venue that has not been used regularly for high-level sport for a long time.

The club also announced that the process of tender for the works of the Olympic Stadiumwhich will open in July and will be awarded no later than October. The barca approved financial plans in a referendum in December, including the collection of 1,500 million euros (1,580 million dollars) additional to allow the club to renew the Camp Nou and its surroundings.

laporta had said in August that the entity’s debts amounted to 1,350 million euros, of which 673 million are owed to banks. Goldman Sachswho had agreed lend 595 million euros to help restructure the club’s debt in August, will finance the renovation of the stadium according to a 35-year plan, including an initial five-year grace period

In March, the Barcelona signed a sponsorship agreement for the jersey and the stadium with the platform streaming audio Spotify. The brand will appear on the front of the men’s and women’s team shirts for four seasons starting in 2022. The company will also be the first brand to sponsor the club’s stadium, which will now be called Spotify Camp Nou.

Neither him Barcelona neither Spotify have confirmed the financial details of the agreement, but according to the Catalan radio station Rac1, the deal is valued at €280 million ($306 million).

The stadium was the site of the 1992 Olympic Games. Photo: Diliff
The stadium was the site of the 1992 Olympic Games. Photo: Diliff


The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, and the president of FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, have appeared in the Press Room of the Barcelona City Council immediately after the City Council’s Governing Commission approved the granting of a permit to rehabilitate the Camp Nou. They were accompanied by Janet Sanz, Deputy Mayor for Ecology, Urban Planning, Infrastructure and Mobility, Jaume Collboni, Deputy Mayor for Economy, Work, Competitiveness and Taxation, Elena Fort, Institutional Vice President of FC Barcelona, ​​and Jordi Llauradó, Manager of Espai Barça .

The rehabilitation works of the Camp Nou, epicenter of the Espai Barça project, will begin in June, once the football season is over, and in accordance with the building license approved this morning.

The work will focus on the first and second tiers, technological aspects, the stadium environment and the exterior development.

The actions inside the Camp Nou will include the demolition of the additional structure in the Gol Sur area where the Medical Center was located, restoration work, decarbonation and waterproofing of the stands, as well as structural finishes and the improvement and renovation of relay systems.

In terms of technology, it is planned to install new telecommunications connections, relocate the data processing center, create a technical room to monitor internal telecommunications infrastructure, and install the new TV Complex facilities for parking the units. TV mobiles.

There will also be actions in the surroundings of the stadium, among which the works of the car park in the Lateral Zone, the construction of the new intelligent central warehouse, an experiential space for information and marketing of the project, and the transplanting and conditioning of the trees stand out.

Finally, regarding the work related to the Modification of the General Metropolitan Plan that has already begun, the urbanization, work will be done on the procedures of Menéndez i Pelayo street and the building owned by the Travessera de les Cortes club (former Picadero) is to be demolished.


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