Bad Bunny will open a luxurious restaurant in Miami, what will his original menu with exotic flavors be like?

Bad Bunny has shown that he is a multifaceted artist and that it is not only good for the music industry, but also acting and modeling are part of his talents. He now stood out in something that has surprised many because it has nothing to do with the world of entertainment: it is gastronomy. The Puerto Rican is about to open his restaurant Gekkō, in Miami, Florida, with which he also intends to conquer the palates of his followers with a very Asian flavor.

In addition to being one of the most popular singers of the moment, if not the most popular, now he will become an entrepreneur and expert in the concept of the Japanese steakhouse. He partnered with David Grutman, owner of the Groot Hospitality firm, and well-known in restaurant matters. In that sense, they will open one of the most anticipated cuts and food establishments inspired by Japanese cuisine.

Bad Bunny does not want to limit himself solely to his success in music: now he will also venture into gastronomy (Photo by Rob Grabowski/Invision/AP, file)

The Bad Rabbit said for the portal Highsnobiety that he feels that he is at a point in his journey as an artist where he has the opportunity to try different things. He declared that he is a faithful lover of sushi, so he took the opportunity to have your own restaurant as soon as you are introduced: “I think I’ve reached a point in my career where I can venture into new projects… I’m passionate about food and I’m going to take my time. What I most look forward to after a day of meetings, interviews, filming, touring, or all of the above, is going out to eat.” In fact, he met his partner Grutman in a restaurant that sells this type of food, Komodo.

What will Bad Bunny’s restaurant be like?

Gekkō will be located on the ground floor of the SLS Lux Brickell, on famed South Miami Avenue, and will have an approximate capacity for 185 people. It is expected to open next July 2022, so the wait is getting shorter and shorter. Apparently, the preparations are already ready because Some job vacancies have already been announced on the restaurant’s social networks.

Gekko, Bad Bunny's new restaurant, is already looking for employees
Gekko, Bad Bunny’s new restaurant, is already looking for employeesInstagram @gekkomiami

The first reports suggest that it will have a luxurious and contemporary decoration, both inside and outside. In addition, it will have a grill, cuts of meat, sushi, gourmet dishes such as the exclusive Wagyu meat, white tuna nigiri and raw red tuna, Korean barbecue and dishes inspired by Japanese cuisine.

With respect to meaning of Gekkō, in Japanese means “moonlight”. It also refers to the character Gordon Gekko from the movie wall street. An iconic name worthy of a famous businessman and a world-renowned singer.

The other incursions of Bad Bunny

In addition to starring in the top positions on music platforms, the 28-year-old artist has shown that he wants to innovate by venturing into different branches, away from the world of entertainment, such as sports and cooking.

According to Celebrity Net Wortha site dedicated to calculating the fortune of celebrities, the interpreter of “Callaíta” has one that amounts to 18 million dollars and not everything has been built with his reggaeton songs. These are the other businesses that Bad Bunny has had throughout his career:

Japan, in the heart of Bad Bunny

The choice of menu in this new restaurant in Bad Bunny should not be surprising, since the artist has had influences from this culture even in his music, with songs like “Yonaguni”, in which he ventured to sing in Japanese. The name refers to the last island in this country where the sun sets. In his lyrics, he also mentions some iconic characters, like when he says that he becomes Itachi, from Naruto or the tattoo that is made of Pokemon.