Avoid getting sick! Tips to know if the food has already spoiled

The heat it’s incredible, but when you’re on the beach and you can go out in very light clothes, because this spring is hitting us with everything and even the food can end up taking its toll. With these temperatures, it is very common that spoil the foodespecially if after consuming or buying it we do not put it in the refrigerator, because the heat promotes the production of bacteria what can harm our health.

so that this year Do not get sick for eating spoiled food, here we give you some tips to know if the food has already spoiled, because although we do not like to waste, it is not a good idea to put anything in your mouth that is no longer in good condition. Some of the health problems that you can suffer like food poisoning are stomach pains, nauseadiarrhoea, headache or fever when it is already a major infection.