Ávila and one more footballer left, Benedetto stays and the player who said no to Europe to get there

In Boca there was a day in which two footballers said goodbye to the club, but a new arrival could be on the way due to the pressure exerted by the player to lead to Brandsen 805. This, and more, happened at Xeneize on this post-defeat day against Argentine Juniors. See all the news of the day in this summary.

Ávila left for Belgium, but before he spoke and left his feelings about his departure

At just 20 years old, Gastón Ávila will join the endless list of Argentine players on the old continent due to the confirmation of his transfer to Royal Antwerp in the Belgian league. After several weeks of negotiations between Boca and him for the renewal of his contract to go on loan to Rosario Central with the certainty that, when he returns to Xeneize, he will not have complications with his bond, finally the left-handed central defender will go to Europe in exchange for 4.5 million dollars for the entirety of his pass.

Boca owned 60% of the pass and the Rosario club the remaining percentage, so between the two they must share that millionaire amount from Belgium, thus leaving Xeneize with almost three million clean dollars for the completed operation.

Before leaving for the small European country, the young defender broke the silence and spoke about the entire current context that shakes the Boca World, where in addition to expressing himself about this, emphasizing the departure of Carlos Izquierdoz from the first team where he stated that this “It was a bucket of cold water”, he also spoke of his departure from the Ribera club and left a harsh statement regarding how his time at Brandsen 805 took place.

“I’m leaving Boca sad, because I didn’t have enough minutes to gain confidence. I would like to be able to return one day,” he said moments before getting on the plane to Belgium, where he also added: “Boca is a very big club and I wanted to show I was up to the task, but I didn’t get the chance.

Official: Hurtado again on loan to Bragantino

After several negotiations, Boca reached an agreement with Red Bull Bragantino for Jan Hurtado to play there one more year, that is, until June 2023. The Venezuelan’s loan had ended and he had to return to the Ribera club, occupying him a quota even if he decided to loan it to another team from Argentina.

Finally, the striker renewed the loan with the Brazilian club, where he arrived in 2020. Taking into account that the 22-year-old was never interested after that season in 2019, Xeneize resolved a transfer that could become a problem in the future .

Benedetto stays in Boca

Inter de Porto Alegre contacted Christian Bragarnik, representative of Pipa, in the last few hours, and the terms were practically in tune. However, the striker’s final word remained and the journalist Germán García Grova gave the scoop: “Darío Benedetto told Inter that he does not want to leave Boca.” The player wants to stay to reverse the adverse situation.

The current benchmark of the La Ribera club had finalized his return in the first transfer market of the year, after not finding the necessary filming in Elche in Spain, and his early departure from Boca would have been taken in the worst way by the fans. In this case, Benedetto decided to reject any external offer and will continue to wear the blue and gold for a while longer.

Matías Pellegrini has offers from Europe but he awaits the offer from Boca

Skillful and with the ability to be sharp at both ends, the youthful ex-Students and with a presence at Inter Miami was on Boca’s radar to arrive through a loan, but from the American club they stated that he would only come out for a sale.

Zaragoza from Spain had appeared there, but before materializing his move to European football, the footballer stood up with those from Fort Lauderdale. The journalist Germán García Grova reported that before the offer from the Iberian second division club, “Matías Pellegrini prefers to wait for Boca”, or failing that, stay in Miami. The 22-year-old left-hander is valued at 5 million euros, so David Beckham’s club is seeking an offer for similar amounts to be transferred. Perhaps something high for what Boca is looking for, but he already has the necessary wink from the player to enter into formal negotiations as a transfer.

Izquierdoz would leave Boca in the least expected way

Beyond the reasons, the opinions for and against, it is clear that Carlos Izquierdoz will no longer play in Boca. Now it remains to resolve the most important thing, which is how it will be released. It is not convenient for the defender to stay until December knowing that he will not be taken into account, and it is not good for the club -both in sports and economically- to have a heavyweight running from Monday to Friday and resting on Sundays.

The only firm interested party that appeared was Lanús, but Cali himself expressed his desire to return abroad. Mexico seems to be the ideal destination for the 24th, but no club will pay any amount of money knowing that in 5 months it can arrive for free. For this reason, a third option has now appeared that would be the key to unlocking the matter.

As revealed by Augusto César on ESPN F12, everything would be resolved with a termination of the contract in the coming days in exchange for financial compensation from the player to the club. In this way, the player will be able to reach a league that has an open transfer market on a free transfer basis.

Now it will only be necessary to wait for the parties to come together to finish agreeing on figures and other aspects to interrupt the contract during the course of this week.

Riquelme’s talk to the campus

Prior to the start of Wednesday’s evening practice at the Boca Predio, the club’s vice president appeared on the Ezeiza fields to speak with the squad, where Ibarra was also present, along with his coaching staff.

There, in addition to talking about the football plan, Román motivated them by leaving a forceful phrase to try to reverse this adverse situation in Boca. “You guys are the best,” was the solid statement he released to encourage the players in the talk, this being fully directed at them. Thus, without reproaches and in a short way, Riquelme supported the squad in a difficult moment. It should be remembered that, in the Battaglia era, after this happened, the team was raised.

Maxi Meza returns to interest in Boca

The footballer with a past in Independiente and current in Rayados de Monterrey in Mexico would have again generated the interest of Xeneize to be the replacement for Eduardo Salvio, for whom Boca has been looking for reinforcements since the beginning of the month, having not agreed on his continuity.

Several media supporters of the Ribera club stated that the winger who was part of the Argentine National Team in the 2018 World Cup could end up in Boca and that there would even be a verbal offer, thus making the Corrientes player the third xeneize reinforcement in this market. . He would be a bombshell if it materializes.