Argentinos equalize with Aldosivi at the close of the first date of the Professional League

The first date of the Professional League that has River Plate as defending champion closes

The Argentine soccer ball rolled again with the beginning of a new Professional League. 28 teams compete for the dream of embroidering a new star on their shield with the threat of the return of relegation for the two worst teams in the table of averages. To close the first day, Central Rosary tied with Lanus and in second turn, Argentine Juniors collides with Aldosivi.


Rosario Central tied 0-0 with Lanus in the Gigante de Arroyito for the first date of the Professional Soccer League. The team led by Leandro Somoza they were left with ten men at the start of the second half and the visiting team was unable to capitalize on their superiority to be able to take the three points. In any case, it was a game with few emotions.

Lanús was more determined and had the best chances at the start of the match. His credentials were on the right wing and the clearest came from that sector in a play that put together Angel Gonzalez who played for Brian Aguirre and after eluding the goalkeeper Gaspar Servius his shot hit the post.

Once again on the right side, Garnet found the spaces left by El Scoundrel and returned to sight with one from Ángel González who lost the one-on-one with Servio.

Although Central got close and had one with Luciano Ferreyra, but the goalkeeper Fernando Monetti the cry drowned him out.

At the beginning of the complement there was a key move since Marcelo Benitez grappled with matias perez and the Central player ended up kicking his rival in the area of ​​the testicles and received a red card from Pablo Dovalowho received the call from the VAR.

With one less, Rosario Central still found the ways to reach the Lanús area, but he lacked aim to convert. El Garnet was also unable to capitalize on the superiority and income of Claudio Spinelli gave him mobility on the front lines, but the team of Jorge Almiron failed to specify.

Central and Lanús were boring in the penultimate match of the first date of the Professional League. On the second day both will play on Friday. El Garnet will receive Defense and Justice (7:00 p.m.) and El Canalla will visit Huracán (9:30 p.m.).


Central Rosary: Gaspar Servio; Damián Martínez, Facundo Almada, Juan Cruz Komar, Lautaro Blanco; Walter Montoya, Claudio Yacob, Marcelo Benítez, Luciano Ferreyra; Lucas Gamba, Alejo Veliz. DT: Leandro Somoza.

Lanus: Fernando Monetti; Leonel Di Plácido, Matías Pérez, Diego Braghieri, Nicolás Pasquini; Braian Aguirre, Belmonte, Samuel Careaga; Ángel González, Lautaro Acosta and Lucas Varaldo. DT: Jorge Almiron.

Stadium: Creek Giant.

Referee: Pablo Dovalo

TV: Public TV


El Bicho receives Aldosivi to start the Professional Football League (Photo: @fotobairearg)
El Bicho receives Aldosivi to start the Professional Football League (Photo: @fotobairearg)

Argentine Juniorssemi-finalist in the last Professional League Cup, debuts on Monday at home against Aldosivi from Mar del Plata who has an interim coach after the departure of Martín Palermo, at the close of the first date. The match is played at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium, with Silvio Trucco as referee and is televised by TNT Sports.

The place started with everything and before five minutes Thiago Nuss He had a clear chance that he could not realize. The right wing of Argentinos was the key and the projections of Kevin MacAllister along with the ability to Faust Vera were the credentials of those led by Gabriel Milito.

The Bug begins the championship after having entered the best four teams in Argentina last tournament where he lost on penalties to Tigre. Gabriel Milito’s team has two forced casualties since Gabriel Florentin He was sent off in the semi-final against Bullfighter and the scorer Gabriel Avalos he was summoned to the Paraguayan national team.

The Shark, for its part, also reached the final phase and although it was beaten by Racing Club in the quarterfinals, it completed a good campaign with Palermo, who surprisingly resigned a week before the start of the new tournament due to differences with the leadership . In his place he temporarily assumed Favio Fernandezwho was in charge of the reserve of the whole of Mar del Plata.

After three games in a row The happyArgentinos Juniors and Aldosivi will play again at La Paternal where the visitors have won their last three times: 1-0 in 2015, 2-1 in 2018 and 1-0 in 2020.


Argentine Juniors: Federico Lanzillotta; Kevin MacAllister, Marco Di Cesare, Lucas Villalba; Thiago Nuss, Fausto Vera, Matías Galarza, Mariano Bíttolo, Franco Moyano; Gabriel Carabajal and Gaston Veron. DT: Gabriel Milito.

Aldosivi: Jose Devecchi; Emanuel Iñíguez, Mario López Quintana, Nahuel Valentini, Fernando Román; Leandro Maciel, Marcelo Meli, Uriel Kloster; Matias Pisano, Martin Cauteruccio, Braian Martinez. DT: Favio Fernandez.

Stadium: Diego Armando Maradona

Referee: Silvio Truco

TV: TNT Sports

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