Apple introduces iOS 16 with more options to customize the lock screen and new notebooks | Technology

Apple presented this Monday (6) its news for the operating system of its products, such as iPhone, Apple Watch and its MacBooks. The main novelties were aimed at iOS 16, the system that makes the company’s cell phones work.

Among the highlights of the system are more possibilities for customization for the lock screen and an improved focus mode for users to balance work and personal life (check it out next).

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The brand also presented the new generation of the MacBook Air notebook, with a new processor and redesigned look (learn more).

iOS 16: Lock, Focus and Health

New lock screen is the main novelty of iOS 16 — Photo: Disclosure

The presentation started with the latest version of the iPhone operating system.

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Check out the main highlights among the news announced by Apple:

  • Lockscreen: The system promises more options to customize the iPhone screen with photos, clock styles and widgets. Apple still promises to make unlocking more fun with color and animation options;
  • advanced notifications: to make the lock screen more useful, the company will allow users to insert widgets with real-time information, such as: how long will your Uber take to arrive, for example;
  • focus mode: in iOS 16, Apple will expand the focus mode. Users will be able to create profiles for when they are working or at rest, for example. It is possible to filter conversations, emails and events in the calendar, among others, so that they only appear at the right times, according to the company;
  • Portfolio: The company announced that it is working with several US state governments to accept the digital version of driver’s licenses registered in the app. iPhone owners will be able to charge and make payments using their cell phone only, through Apple Pay. The two novelties are available, for now, only in the United States;
  • Messages: In the new operating system, it is possible to edit the content sent in the Messaging app. There is still the option to cancel a message sent by mistake and mark content as “unread”;
  • new emojis: during the developer conference, Apple promised that iOS 16 will have more emojis and ways to customize messages, but has not yet given details about the novelty;
  • Safety: to prevent the iPhone’s location features from being used in abusive relationships, the company added a menu, called “Safety Check”, for users to manage permissions and remove content shares and geolocation, among others;
  • Fitness: In iOS 16, the health app that records and analyzes the physical activities of Apple Watch users will be available for those who do not yet have the Apple Watch. The app will use iPhone sensors to track users’ movement and exercise, according to the company.

Although not the focus of the event, the company took the opportunity to reveal new products: a redesigned version of the MacBook Air (from US$ 1,199) and an upgrade of the MacBook Pro.

Apple began the presentation by showing the MacBook Air, the brand’s best-selling notebook.

MacBook Air (2022) — Photo: Playback/Apple

The new computer offers a 13.6-inch screen, a fingerprint sensor and promises up to 18 hours of battery life – with the possibility of fast charging.

The new notebooks will be the first to carry the new processor developed by Apple itself, the M2.

According to the company, the new processor has 18% better performance compared to its predecessor M1 and can nearly twice as fast as the most powerful competing chips.

Apple presents macOS Ventura — Photo: Playback/Apple

The MacBook Pro did not have drastic changes: the model does not change any of its settings, it will only gain a version with the M2 processor. The two notebooks are expected to hit Apple stores next month, according to the company.

The news was announced during the opening of the global developer conference (WWDC). There is still no forecast for the release of iOS 16 or for which phones the system will be available.

After two years taking place in a virtual way, the event returned to presential presentations, broadcast from the company’s headquarters, in California (USA).

During the event, the tech giant also showed what it is planning for the operating system of products other than the iPhone, such as the Apple Watch, iPad and its line of computers.