ANMAT banned a well-known brand granola bar for an alarming reason | Chronicle

The ANMAT-alert-for-a-misleading-cream-for-cancer-patients-and-suggested-not-use-it-20220419-0014.html” target=”_blank”>National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) banned this Thursday, through its publication in the Official bulletin, products of a brand big wave for containing an ingredient that is not allowed and different administrative irregularities.

The Provision 3015/2022 established the prohibition of the elaboration, fractionation and commercialization throughout the national territory and on the online sales platforms of the Nutrinola brand products: “Artisan granola – no added sugar – no preservatives Energizer with Nutrinola brand Andean maca, Artisan granola – no preservatives – 100% vegan, fantasy name: Cocada; Artisanal granola – no added sugar – no preservatives, fancy name: Traditional; Tropical Granola – 100% vegan and Granola base – suitable vegan – without preservatives, Santa Fe – Argentina”, due to the lack of health records for the product and establishment, resulting in products being falsely labeled and consequently illegal.

In its recital, it explains that the actions were initiated as a result of a complaint received by the Department of Food and Nutritional Surveillance of Food of the National Food Institute (INAL), in relation to the marketing of the first of these products that did not comply with current regulations. .

Given this, a federal consultation was carried out with the Santa Fe Food Safety Agency (ASSAl), so that it could report if it was registered. There were no data on it and, furthermore, maca is not included in the Argentine Food Code (CAA), so its use as an ingredient is not allowed.

ANMAT: no records

Likewise, it points out that there are antecedents: for ANMAT-prohibited-a-brand-of-salt-because-it-is-dangerous-for-health-20220412-0020.html” target=”_blank”>ANMAT Provision No. 5323/2016, published in the Official Gazette on May 19, 2016, the commercialization throughout the national territory of any product in which maca of any origin and brand is found among its ingredients.

Jointly, the ASSAl reported that it verified the marketing on online sales platforms of other varieties of Nutrinola brand granola and detailed that in its database There are no records of the products with that brand, denomination and trade name.

This is the product prohibited by the ANMAT (Illustrative image).

As a consequence, it was determined that the product “Artisan granola – no added sugar – no preservatives Energizing with Nutrinola brand Andean maca” is in violation for lacking sanitary product and establishment registrations, and containing an ingredient that is not allowed in food.

In turn, it was stated that the rest of the Nutrinola brand granola varieties are in violation due to the lack of product and establishment health records, “turning out to be falsely labeled products and consequently illegal.”

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Because they are products that cannot be reliably and clearly identified as produced, processed and/or fractionated in a specific establishment, “They may not be produced in any part of the country, nor marketed or sold in the territory of the Republic.”

Finally, and in order to protect the health of citizens against the consumption of illegal products, whenever they are food products that lack registration, which is why their traceability, their production conditions, their quality with adequate levels of control under the conditions established by the current regulations and their safety, the Department of the Stewardship in Food Regulations of the INAL recommended prohibiting the preparation, fractionation and commercialization throughout the national territory of the aforementioned foods.