Amazon Kindle: E-books available for free download at Amazon

Free reading fun: Amazon Kindle: Thousands of e-books can be downloaded free of charge from Amazon

From modern bestsellers to well-loved classics, Amazon has a wide selection of e-books. We’ll show you how to find thousands of free titles for your Amazon Kindle and what tricks you can use to get free e-books from Amazon.

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Amazon Kindle: Free e-books to download

For some customers it may sound a bit unimaginable, but the beginnings of what is now the world’s largest online shop originally lay in the exclusive sale of books. This is reflected even today in the wide range of diverse literature on Amazon. A few years ago, Amazon created its own ecosystem for electronic books with its Kindle e-book reader product series and is considered the undisputed pioneer in this discipline. To the delight of all Amazon customers, the KIndle cosmos has grown so significantly that, in addition to the typical paid books, there is also a considerable amount of free e-books and free, printed paperbacks to be found at the online retailer.

Bargain foxes and bookworms have known for a long time that every customer with the right knowledge can get free books permanently. We will show you a few of the suitable contact points!

Free “Best Seller Top 100” in Kindle E-Books

The most reliable place to go for popular, free eBooks on Amazon is the somewhat cumbersome listing of the Best Sellers in the Kindle E-Books Category.

In addition to the paid e-books in the “Top 100 – Paid” category, there is an additional tab on this page free e-books called “Top 100 – Free”. These charts contain the top 100 most popular products from the entire Kindle Store. The orders placed by Amazon customers are used as a benchmark for popularity. In addition, the charts are updated every hour, which theoretically gives customers the opportunity to discover new free e-books every hour. With the help of the left-aligned navigation, the top 100 results can also be categorized into genres, so that every reader can find something for their personal taste.

Read free classics on Kindle

Anyone who, contrary to the popular charts, prefers to turn to literary evergreens and classics of world literature will also get their money’s worth for free in the Kindle Shop. On one especially for this subpage, the online retailer lists famous works by influential authors completely free to download. Some of the books on offer were created hundreds of years ago, are no longer subject to copyright regulations and are therefore in the public domain. Despite their age, the listed works lose none of their timeless character and even today serve as templates for modern adaptations in other media areas.

Who in the search bar also If you enter the term “AmazonClassics”, the results will bring up Amazon’s own publishing label of the same name, which the online retailer uses many classics in the original English.

Free e-books: search and sort

Probably the easiest way to find free e-books on Amazon is in the Amazon search bar such as typing “free ebooks”. Alternatively, users can also visit the Kindle Shop directly and select the method in the sorting menu Select “Sort by: price ascending”. Within seconds, a list of e-books that are available for EUR 0.00 – the lowest price point – appears in the search results.

The biggest disadvantage of these methods: True to the motto “quantity instead of quality”, all books that are available free of charge are displayed on almost 400 shop pages, regardless of reviews and customer ratings. While the sheer volume of free books may impress at first, it makes it difficult for fans of reading to find quality content.

Free eBooks: With the Kindle app on almost any device

Thanks to With companion apps and dedicated devices, it’s now easier than ever to enjoy free eBooks and free classic Kindles on Amazon. With the free Kindle app for Android and iOS, respective smartphones and tablets can be converted into practical e-book readers. Separate reading applications are also available for free download for Mac and PC.

It is of course particularly easy to read on an e-book reader specially designed for reading pleasure, such as this Amazon Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite. With their E-In displays that are easy on the eyes, storage space for thousands of e-books and several weeks of battery life, they have proven to be the first choice for all frequent readers. Amazon also offers a device specially developed for children for the little protégés. To the Kindle Kids Edition includes a matching child-friendly case and a two-year worry-free guarantee. You can find more information about Amazon’s e-book models in our article “Amazon Kindle, Oasis or Paperwhite? How to find the right e-book reader”.