all flavors in one place

July 21, 2022 – 1:11 PM

Healthy and tasty food. Revitalizing infusions. High-altitude wines, artisanal liquors, patero mistela wine and Catamarca brandy. Gourmet condiments. All this in the stands with regional products, located on the right side after the second handicraft pavilion, at the end of the Fairgrounds, where the poncho party.

The route of flavors begins at the yuyitos stand of “Sabores de la Puna”, where they also offer innovative products such as flavored sticks for mate and black yerba that are made with an ancestral roasting process called tatemado. This herb is versatile because it can be combined with other herbs, tea, and even with sauces.

In that room are also the yuyitos of “Regionales Ruphay”, from El Peñón, Antofagasta de la Sierra, where the most sought after by tourists was the pupusa, widely used for altitude sickness, headaches, dizziness and stomach pain. ; the rica rica, for mate and for digestive teas; apple apricots, recommended as a healthy snack; and the best seller, natural salt.

Already with the purchase of the digestive yuyitos you can move towards the sweet options. There are numerous stands with the inevitable candied walnuts, rosquetes, throats, snacks, dumplings with sweet cayote, grape bonbons in brandy, regional candies in jars and grape syrup, chañar, mistol, carob and lime.

There is a wide variety of nougat alfajores, triple dulce de leche bathed in chocolate from Catamarca, quince, dulce de leche with rum, tiramisu, peanuts, almonds and mint. Also the irresistible nougat cake and the cups with the nougat paste accompanied by a shower of nuts that are a hit at the Poncho Festival.

In addition, Dulce Panacea offers gluten-free products such as piononos, tartlets, personalized cakes, empanadas and sandwiches.

gourmet condiments

Among the olive oils, “Vita Nova” stands out, from Nueva Coneta, a Blend recommended in gourmet for its excellent taste, and also to be used as a dietary supplement to strengthen the immune system. “Oro de Yokavil”, from Santa María, offers walnut oil, which they highlight as a natural antioxidant and cardiovascular protective product, and gluten-free walnut flour.

Also found in this space are Santa María spices and yellow pepper jam, Calahorra pepper paste, spicy black olive paste, green olives with almonds, garlic and honey, arugula pesto and garlic preserves in olive oil. olive from “Pleione gourmet products”, from Andalgalá.

“Frere”, from the Capital, proposes a variety of mustards, among which those of syrup stand out, which they recommend combining with pork and chicken; the old one, for salads, and the spicy one, until now the best seller. In another stand “Miel Yunga Andina”, from El Alto, they have an extra virgin organic honey with more propolis, pollen and antioxidants, which comes from the area of ​​jungles and forests of the Sierra de Ancasti.

“Wild Wind” is a gourmet hot sauce venture by an archaeologist from Catamarca. It offers nine types, among which the smoked, Andean, taquera, habanera mango, Asian stand out, and for the most daring, the insane blend, made with the five hottest peppers.



In the beverage sector, there are the unmissable high-altitude wines of the Syrah, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon varietals from Tinogasta, Fiambalá; Andalgalá wines; Santa María with the late torrontés from the Valles Calchaquíes, and those that the Faculty of Agrarian Sciences of the National University of Catamarca produces and processes in Hualfin. From Siján, Pomán, the proposal is pateros wines, mistela, brandy, and liqueurs.

As a novelty “Fernet Beney”, by Cura Brochero, offers the first Argentine fernet without TACC made with herbs and fruits from the northwest of Cordoba; and “Espíritu del Monte”, a drink that is distinguished because it is not liquor, nor distilled and because of its flavor that is used in cocktails and meals.

In addition, in that space they sell handmade cigars of the typical Cuban style, made with tobacco from Los Altos, Santa Rosa. In addition to the products, the work they do daily from the seed to the smoke from the collection, process and manufacturing is disclosed.