Alejandro Garnacho, a player for the Argentine national team, made his first-team debut at the age of 17 at Manchester United, with Cristiano Ronaldo

Alexander Garnacho He was born in Madrid, but in terms of national teams he now plays for Albiceleste. For his mother, who is Argentine. He loves her a lot and, after acting for Spain, she received a summons and decided to wear the AFA shirt, from the country he never inhabited. When it comes to clubbing, she dresses in red, white and black: Man Utd. And this Thursday he gave a joy to Patricia Ferreyra Fernández, the woman who brought him into the world, who did live in Argentine territory, and who was born in it: the 17-year-old made his debut in one of the most powerful teams in the world. Alexander cheered his motherwho got up from his seat at Old Trafford to film it, and also his father and his brother, who were moved with emotion. The stadium generously applauded the youth.

Until he was welcomed by a rival. A great rival, the German Antonio Rudiger, from Chelsea, the world champion. The match of the premier league was 1-1 and Garnacho, an attacking midfielder, did not have much time left to change his destiny: 45 minutes had elapsed in the second period. In fact, he only participated for two minutes. If it is possible to say “he participated”, because he did not get to touch the ball.

The entry of Garnacho and the emotion of his family

The Spanish midfielder scored first Mark Alonzo, 15 minutes into the second half, and two minutes later he equalized Cristiano Ronaldo, whom Garnacho had described a few weeks ago as the greatest of all time, with the acronym GOAT (“greatest of all times”) in a post on social networks. On that occasion, when the Madrid-Argentinian was on the substitute bench for the first time (this, against Chelsea, was the fourth), he received as a gift the ball that had been awarded to Cristiano for his hat-trick of goals against Norwich, and after a while the teenager gave him that enormous public compliment.

The number 75 of the Red Devils, who had shared training sessions for the Argentine senior team with Lionel Messi in the last dates of the South American qualifier for Qatar 2022, this time replaced the young Swedish striker Anthony Elanga, by choice of Ralf RannickUnited’s caretaker manager. The boy crossed himself and stood in the middle of the field. His mother filmed him standing up and smiled; His dad clapped her hands and tears came to her eyes. His brother, directly, covered his face with a hood. The Theater of Dreams, no less, was the scene of Alejandro Garnacho’s absolute debut in the first division. Y in the best football league on the planet.

Alejandro Garnacho’s most anticipated moment: his Manchester United debut

Born in Madrid on July 1, 2004, the young man brings his family together in great moments. Dad, mom and brother were present the day he signed his first contract as a professional, on July 28, after Manchester paid half a million euros a Atletico Madrid, the club that formed him. The other great entity in the Spanish capital, Real Madrid, had also sounded him out. and the German Borussia Dortmund.

grenache He joined the Spanish under 18 team (He was one of the best of the group in the Four Nations in Bucharest, last October) and although he never lived in Argentina, he chose the light blue and white shirt out of love for Patricia, his mother. In his other team, United, he has earned a huge nicknamealthough half in jest and half seriously: “Christian”in reference to the Portuguese crack.

Manchester United Compact 1 vs. Chelsea 1

“As you know, I have dual nationality, so this is a unique opportunity for me. I am anxious for the moment to come and make the most of it, ”the youth had said in March to the Manchester United portal about his call to the albiceleste squad. “I was born in Madrid, but my mother is Argentine, as is her entire family, and it will be an honor to represent Argentina, just as she was when she represented Spain. I am very excited about this opportunity.”

Applause from Alejandro Garnacho to the Manchester United fans after making his debut today in the first division, at the age of 17.Twitter

With those couple of minutes this Thursday, Garnacho became the seventh Argentinian to have worn the Manchester United shirt. As expected, he is the youngest in his debut. The former were Juan Sebastian Veron (2001-2003), Gabriel Heinze (2004-2007), Carlos Tevez (2007-2009), Angel Di Maria (2014-2015), red frames (2014-2021) and Sergio Romero (2015-2021).

“Incredible moment making my debut at 17 at Manchester United in the Premier League, at the Theater of Dreams. I can’t put into words what I’m feeling. I have dreamed of this moment since I was 4 years old. I would like to thank everyone at the club for giving me this opportunity; to my family members for always being there for me; to my friends, and to all the fans, for their constant support. The hard work continues to have more nights like these. And remember, guys: dreams do come true”, wrote Garnacho on Instagram, swooning over the English club.