After the triumph of Independiente, Unión visits Fluminense for the Copa Sudamericana

The Argentine teams take to the field in a new international day

A new week of international football begins in South America and two of the clubs that take the field to represent Argentina are Independent Y Santa Fe Union. The Red try to keep moving up the rankings against Sports La Guaira of Venezuela while the Tatengue has a historic date at the Maracana stadium where he will face Fluminense.


Independent surpassed 2-0 to the Sports La Guaira in Venezuela, in a meeting corresponding to the third date of the Group G of the South American Cup. With this result, Rojo remains second in its zone and will seek to define its classification with Ceará from Brazil. The winning goals came in the second half with two goals from Domingo Blanco and Leandro Fernandez.

In the first minutes, Rojo took the initiative with many connections in the midfield and the ten outfield players were seen in La Guaira’s territory, but without depth to hurt. Then the locals began to leave, but with inaccuracies.

Later the match entered a plateau with errors from Independiente’s back, especially Sergio Barreto, who on two occasions left his passes short and promoted counterattacks. The Venezuelans also failed in midfield and Rojo recovered to generate danger, but could not open the scoring. His most dangerous player was the youth Tomás Pozzo, who at 40 minutes had a chance, but a defender went down inside the area and the judge did not charge a penalty.

In the Independiente complement he was once again the protagonist, but he did not find the key to the match that came with a stopped ball in the 67th minute with a free kick that magnificently white sunday He sent her inside the goal with a frank right hand.

Then the inaccuracies continued for both sides and in one of them Independiente extended their advantage. It was in the 90th minute that Leandro Fernández took advantage of an error by the Venezuelan back, saw him overtake the goalkeeper and from above scored another nice goal for Rojo, which decorated the result.

On the next date, Tuesday, May 3, Independiente will visit General Caballero in Paraguay and must win to keep the chance to define the pass to the next phase, since this Tuesday the Brazilians from Ceará also beat the Guarani. The Red is second in his zone with 6 points, against 9 of the Brazilians.


Sports La Guaira: Carlos Olses; Jon Aramburu, Kendrys Silva, Jiovany Ramos, Luis Ovalle; Francisco La Mantia, Yohan Cumana; Santiago Herrera, Arles Flores; Darluis Paz, Jovanny Bolivar. DT: Daniel Farias.

Independent: Sebastian Sosa; Gonzalo Asís, Sergio Barreto, Juan Manuel Insaurralde, Lucas Rodríguez; Gaston Togni, Lucas Romero; Alan Sonora, Domingo Blanco; Tomas Pozzo, Leandro Benegas. DT: Eduardo Dominguez.

Stadium: Olympic of the UCV

Referee: Nicholas Gallo (Colombia)



The Tatengue has a difficult clash with one of the greats of Brazil
The Tatengue has a difficult clash with one of the greats of Brazil

Santa Fe Union has a historic international appointment as it will visit this Tuesday to Fluminense of Brazil in a match corresponding to the third date of the Group H of the South American Cup. The match is played at the Maracaná stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, with Uruguayan Esteban Ostojich refereeing and televised by ESPN.

The team from Santa Fe felt the rigor of the Rio de Janeiro cast that from the beginning generated danger chances with shots that went by. The lack of aim prevented the locals from opening the scoring.

The Tatengue He has four points like Junior from Barranquilla and is up with a victory against Oriente Petrolero from Bolivia by 3-1. The Santa Fe team fell last weekend against Gimnasia de La Plata by the minimum and minimized their chances of qualifying for the next round of the Professional League Cup with two dates remaining.

The Brazilians, meanwhile, are in third position with three points and in the last cup appearance they were thrashed by the coffee team 3-0. The flu has been having an irregular walk in the Brasileirao and in its recent presentation it lost with Internacional de Puerto Alegue 1-0.

Oriente Petrolero from Bolivia and Junior de Barranquilla from Colombia will also play tonight at the same time in the other match of Group H.


Fluminense: Fabio; Nino, Luccas Claro, David Braz; Caio Paulista, Wellington Martins, Nonato, Marlon; Goose, German Cano, John Arias. DT: Abel Braga.

Union: Santiago Mele; Emanuel Britez, Franco Calderón, Diego Polenta, Claudio Corvalán; Kevin Zenon, Juan Portillo, Juan Nardoni, Imanol Machuca; Mauro Luna Diale; Jonathan Alvez. DT: Gustavo Munua.

Stadium: maracana

Referee: Esteban Ostojich (Uruguay)