Abuse and mistreatment at the Rincón de Luz de Virasoro Home

Since March, the province of Corrientes has been shocked by the reports of abuse and mistreatment at the Hogar Rincón de Luz de Virasoro, a case that is being handled by the prosecutor Casarré and the guarantee judge Silvia Erika Benitez. The testimonies that were known in these weeks were heartbreaking, from beatings, punishments, confinement and even leaving them without food, and having to resort to the garbage to fill their stomachs with something.

Sonia Andrea Prystupczuk, is the former director and head of a home, who is already accused of concealment aggravated by sexual abuse, illegal coercion and abuse of authority. On Monday, the justice had the opportunity to make her prison effective, but considering her a “non-dangerous person”, she remains free.

As more children and former employees were encouraged to tell what they experienced at home, they discovered that the complaints began in 2010. Even in 2018, the minors were transferred to an institution in Santo Tomé, for building work, and Those responsible for that home filed a complaint due to the state of health in which the children had arrived.

Patricia Ramos belongs to the NGO “El Faro Solidario”, a group of people who sponsor children who are in Day Homes. Claudio was her godson since he was 4 years old, when he joined the Rincón de Luz Home in Virasoro, along with his five brothers.

“The homes in Corrientes are deposits, they take them out of their homes because they are in danger of abuse, abandonment, poverty, and Justice takes them to the homes to give them a better life. But that did not happen, in Virasoro, Claudio was found dead at home and they simulated a suicide, “said Patricia Ramos.

Claudio Flores was 14 years old when he was found dead and the title page is for “doubtful death.”

Several of the victims testified before the justice and their testimonies demonstrated the torture and abuse that they experienced inside the home. “Thanks to the courage of these boys who are in extremely vulnerable situations, today we can know all the things they suffered,” Ramos said.

The minors and some of legal age who are no longer admitted to the home, recounted the acts of violence, abuse, torture and “punishments”, which caused them Sonia Andrea Prystupczuk and her son, who is involved because several children identified him as one of the people who used physical violence. “The boys reported to the court and then tortured them until the next hearing, where they repented out of fear and did not continue with the statements.”

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In addition to the physical and psychological violence, the children often did not have the nutritional food of the day, much less medical attention. “The boys were starving, some came to eat garbage or dog food,” said Patricia Ramos.

Leandra Alves, is a caregiver and worked for two years in the home, and also spoke with Misiones Online to tell about the situations that the children experienced. “They didn’t have a doctor or a dentist, the two youngest boys who were the only ones in the home had all swollen teeth, their gums bled every time they brushed their teeth. I wrote down in the daily part but it was like “who cares” and the next day nothing happened, and that was what annoyed me the most,” said the woman.

Lawyer Etchegaray Centeno, who acts as the plaintiff, commented that the prosecutor did not ask for prison as he should have, despite having all the tools. Which, now, the lawyer will ask for, immediate imprisonment, will be the judge’s decision and not the prosecutor’s.

“They have time until Friday and we hope that the judge decides that this woman deserves to wait for her sentence in prison. Just as she locked the boys up for years, torturing them, without food, at least in prison she is going to have more food than what she gave the children,” she said.