A new audio of Piqué was leaked in the midst of the scandal that shakes Spain

A conversation between the defender of Barcelona and Rubiales generated a scandal in Spain

In the midst of the public statements that they had to make Luis Rubialespresident of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), and the footballer Gerard Piqué to try to clarify the leak of the audios regarding the Super Cup, they came to light new conversations between the two protagonists.

On this occasion, the Spanish newspaper The confidential published the dialogue between the top manager and the player on the implementation of VAR in the match that concluded 2 to 2 between Barcelona and the Real society in the 2019/2020 season. The central expressed his disagreement by demanding an alleged infraction that he received within the area, which the assistants who followed the actions through the monitors did not review. “They have not consulted the VAR and it was a very clear penalty. And those of the VAR have not said anything either. They have messed us up”communicated the Catalan to the leader through a new audio.

A conversation between the defender of Barcelona and Rubiales generated a scandal in Spain

Immediately, the official’s response did not take long to reach the soccer player’s mobile phone: “I know that they have been called a doubtful one against them, that if it is doubtful they do not enter for better or for worse, and I know that they have not called one, a They grabbed you, right? They told me. But the grabs too, either it’s very clear or they don’t fit either. But hey, I’ll see you later. Hey, if they have been wrong, you know that being me in the middle there is no desire to harm or benefit anyoneYou know?”.

It was no accident the moment Pique sent the message to the leader, given that four days later the cule had to face the Real Madrid in it Camp Nou. Although the result ended in a goalless draw, La Liga ended with the Meringue.

A conversation between the defender of Barcelona and Rubiales generated a scandal in Spain

In Spain we don’t talk about anything other than the audios filtered by the medium The confidentialwhich discovered a negotiation between the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and the sporting events company Cosmos (chaired by Gerard Piqué) for moving the Super Cup a Saudi Arabia in exchange for large sums of money for the Barcelona and Real Madrid. In the last hours, Diego Simeon was consulted on the subject and did not mince words to answer.

“I am not going to get into those situations because Piqué is very intelligent and has his company, they are managements that do not go together. What I do believe is that it is clear that, unless it is explained better, it is convenient for Barcelona and Madrid to go, it is not very difficult to understand it “was the first thing he said cholos at a press conference. And he deepened: “We feel very proud to compete in this way, we see ourselves reflected in teams like Betis, Real Sociedad, Sevilla… I think we are in the same bag”.

A conversation between the defender of Barcelona and Rubiales generated a scandal in Spain

Piqué referred to the case publicly after having remained in the center of the scene: “The caches are audio taken out of context, the RFEF decides it and I only help him find a formula so that he has logic. That is a hundred percent decision of the RFEF. What more conflict can there be? It has nothing to do with a commercial issue with a field issue. I bring an opportunity to the RFEF. They go from taking 120,000 euros to 40 million. Are the referees going to whistle us better?

But apparently Simeone was not satisfied with the Barça footballer’s argument: “What appears in the information is that in the face of the Super Cup in Arabia, what appears The Federation is favored more if Real Madrid and Barcelona gobefore that, they will have to explain it better so that we are calmer”.

A conversation between the defender of Barcelona and Rubiales generated a scandal in Spain

The relationship between the director and Piqué is so intense that other dialogues were also known in which the defender asked him to participate in the youth team for the Tokyo Olympics (3 older ones are allowed). On why a tone of such confidence is heard from the president of the RFEF, the Catalan defender explained: “I am going to call him that because I have a relationship with him, he was my president when he played for the national team. I have a good relationship with Busquets, Sunrise either Nacho. Never in my life will I ask for help or they will give it to me”. Without a doubt, everyone will draw their own conclusions from it.


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