A mysterious graffiti of “traitor” in the locker room and tension with the idols of Barcelona: the other side of the Piqué scandal

Piqué and Messi would have ended up at odds after the Argentine’s departure from Barcelona (REUTERS/Albert Gea)

All the cannons seem to point at Gerard Piqué since his audios sent to Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) were leaked, to move the development of the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia in exchange for a huge slice of money for some of the parties involved in the business. However, and after the viralization of other controversial contacts between the defender and the top manager, bullets now came from another flank to the footballer.

the spanish medium ABC He revealed issues related to the Barça dressing room in the previous season: his relationship with Lionel Messi, who left the club to go to Paris Saint Germain, and the word that a teammate would have written on the blackboard in the dressing room.

The negotiations for the renewal of his contract with Josep Maria Bartomeu would have unleashed the displeasure of Messi and the main referents blaugranas with the historic number 3 of the Catalan club. According to the aforementioned medium, the defender only agreed to lower his salary when the departure of the Argentine was confirmedfor what presumably would have hindered the negotiations of Rosario with the board, which ultimately did not come to fruition.

There were several footballers from the culé squad who were upset with Piqué for having extended their bond until 2024 under a theoretical salary reduction, although in reality what he did was split the payments as specified ABC. In October 2020, your fixed salary of 41 million euros per year fixed more variables was retouched, which annoyed the rest of the referents. Even, the newspaper revealed that one day he found the word “traitor” written on the locker room blackboard just when several players would have hinted at their disgust with what happened.

Messi and Piqué, a relationship that would not have ended well (EFE/Juan Carlos Cárdenas)
Messi and Piqué, a relationship that would not have ended well (EFE/Juan Carlos Cárdenas)

Meanwhile, they explained that the fact that Piqué was designated as one of the four captains in the 2018/2019 campaign was due to a purely age issue and not due to the support of his teammates.

The truth is that the gaze has been completely on Piqué in recent days before the different audios that were leaked, revealing the private dialogues that he had with Rubiales throughout 2020. In one of the latest installments, the newspaper The confidential shared an audio that Sergio Ramos sent to Piqué in the midst of a conflict between different soccer players and Barcelona’s central marker, he forwarded that material to Rubialesparty interested in the subject.

Also Gerard’s interest in convincing Messi remained on the table that he join a political move against David Aganzo, president of the Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE) – the players’ union – and confronted with Rubiales. However, Leo was not interested in the subject and chose not to get involved in a situation that was foreign to him.

The book “From Glory to Hell”, which recounts the decline of Barcelona in recent years, provides details on these issues. The authors of the text, in dialogue with Infobaestated about the relationship between Catalan and Rosario: “Now Messi may hate Piqué more than Bartomeu. They played together in grassroots football, but there are details like Piqué lowering his salary when Messi already left, and not lowering it before. That for Messi can mean a betrayal. In fact, Laporta thought that it would be easier for several players to lower their salary to be able to pay Messi and it was not like that, although it is normal, why am I going to lower my salary so that you give it to him? When Bartomeu leaves, Piqué is the first to lower his salary with his back to the rest of his teammates and that causes a lot of tension, for example, with Messi”.

And they deepened: “It is also possible that Messi and Piqué get along like this because they are stepping on hoses, because the Messi have wanted to get into representation for some time. His brother Rodrigo has Barcelona B footballers, he negotiated the renewal of Ansu Fati’s contract the penultimate time, and Piqué is associated with Arturo Canales, who is one who is now quite involved in the subject. Surely there is a conflict of interest there. The truth is that when Messi came to Barcelona the other day, he had dinner with Sergio Busquets and Alba and Piqué was not there”.


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