A Mexican critic came to Buenos Aires and recommended these mythical places to eat

The creator of @mexicocookingclub, Calixto Serna, has an audience of millions and at only 23 years old, this Mexican influencer is dedicated to generate content around recipes, food porn and kitchen.

He recently shared with his followers a bit of the lplaces and foods that you tasted during your visit to the City of Buenos Aires and surroundings. We tell you where and what he tried on his tour of the province.


The couple of Patricia Rodríguez Real and Romina Moore are the ones behind this food stall named “The Girls of the 3“.

This stall that stands out for its exquisite homemade dishes and it is located in the Central Market on Tapiales 1766 in Local 3.

his famous tortilla stuffed with ham and mozzarella It is their star dish. Although there is also a vegetable version, the hit is the fried potato omelette that same day.


Opens Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. on Avenida Alvarez Thomas 1321. Small place, no chairs, just to eat standing up, so it’s ideal if you want to eat a slice of pizza at snack time because you were late for lunch.

The Mezzetta’ssells pizza on the go or to gojust a few high tables against the wall to eat standing up fill the small place that is always full.

The Fugazzeta al corte is the one that comes out the most, and in addition to the half dough and pan pizzas, the specialties of La Mezzetta are not many, but they do not lose value for that. There is always fain, a classic that seems to have been invented here.


Back in the 80s, Oscar Bopp, better known as “El Entrerriano”, began his dream with a small stall of choripanes al paso that over time, a lot of dedication and effort.

“Los Talas del Entrerriano” was born there, a grill with a clear objective: to satisfy the palate and stomach of who love to eat grilled meat and in quantity with a Creole spirit and very Argentine.

Their specialty is the typical asado criollo and you can find it in the Province of Buenos Aires at Jos Len Surez on Avenida Brig. General Juan Manuel de Rosas 1391.


Winners of “The best Milanese in Buenos Aires”, this restaurant a year ago was just a grill that decided to focus on the Argentine favorite.

each portion It is served on French fries, and with a thousand sauces, cold meats and vegetables on top. Each portion is to share with the family: they say that up to four people can eat from one plate.

The unmissable? The Neapolitan Milanese XL that has ham, mozzarella, bacon, tomato, caramelized onion and fried egg.


Typical still life of Buenos Aires, the little room It is located on Talcahuano 937 and competes hand in hand with another iconic still life in the city: Gerrn.

No matter the time of day, there is always someone eating a portion of standing in the entrance hall of the premises. And on weekends it is filled with groups of friends in its two huge rooms.

The unmissable? The fugazzeta stuffed with double mold dough, mozzarella cheese, secret cheese mix, onion and ham. Above, parmesan rain.


Located at Av. Corrientes 1695, it was the dream of an italian immigrant which became a classic portage thanks to the artisanal care of each flavor.

It was selected among the 10 best fridges in the worldaccording to the book Food Journeys of a Lifetime, released each year by National Geographic.

The use of original and fresh raw material it reveals itself in flavors that are always unique, and even renewed, since each batch of ice cream has a subtle difference from the previous one.

It has unique flavors such as pure Sicilian pistachio, Piedmontese hazelnut, orange with ginger, strudel or chai cream (blend of black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, star anise, cloves, black pepper and coriander), for only name a few.