A hundred restaurants participate in the Week of French Gastronomy

The French Gastronomy Week will run until June 12.

Some 100 restaurants in Argentina participate in the Week of French Gastronomy “Goût de France” (Taste of France), a federal, inclusive and healthy culinary and tourist initiative, according to what was expressed on Monday night at its opening in the embassy of that country, during a dinner in which the cooks were diplomatic officials of that delegation.

The initiative, which adds to the Argentine tourist attractions by offering this gastronomy declared Cultural and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in local restaurantsalso seeks this year to make it accessible to the largest number of people and promote healthy eating.

In the run-up to the dinner at Palacio Ortiz Basualdo, Embassy officials highlighted the intention in this edition to “democratize” French food, against the myth that it is an exclusive and expensive cuisine, and demonstrate that it is within the reach of the majority, both economically and in the way it is prepared.

Among them, the first councilor Céline Giusti told Télam that from 37 gastronomic establishments that participated in the last Goût de France, in 2019, it went to about 100 in 2022, after facilitating their participation by not requiring them to offer a French menu but only a French-style preparation, which can be a dish, a dessert, breakfast, a drink or some activity.

Opening the opening The French ambassador to Argentina, María Claudia Scherer-Effosse, announced that “tonight, for the first time in the history of this Embassy, ​​several diplomats from our team are not sitting at the table, as is usually the case, but are instead in the She has been cooking for several hours preparing a dinner that we are going to taste”.

The cooks were the diplomatic officials of the French embassy
The cooks were the diplomatic officials of the French embassy.

The diplomat stressed that two objectives of The activity is “to make this initiative accessible to as many people as possible and to raise awareness about the importance of a sustainable, healthy and balanced diet”.

He also explained that since 2015 Goût de France “gives all those who defend gastronomic culture and French living art abroad, the possibility of making a celebration of the art of good eating and good drinking, a concept and a practice that we also share with Argentina”.

On the other hand, he continued “It seeks to support professionals on their path towards a sustainable profession and accompany chefs in their new role as ambassadors of a more responsible gastronomy, both in human terms and in the health of the environment.”

Scherer-Effosse said that after the two years that the sector was marked by the health crisis, “the time has come for a rebirth, for a new chapter towards a cuisine that is more responsible and respectful of local particularities, nature and the environment.”

The ambassador affirmed that this French Gastronomy Week “is carried out in a federal spirit” and mentioned that “From today, June 6 and until Sunday June 12, almost 100 restaurants, pastry shops, wineries, and gastronomic places of all kinds committed in the country have decided to join us in this gourmet adventure.”

The presentation was made at the French Embassy
The presentation was made at the French Embassy.

During the inauguration, the interactive map was also presented with the participating restaurants, which are not only in large cities such as Buenos Aires (CABA), Mar del Plata, Córdoba and Rosario, but also in small towns, such as Manzanares in Buenos Aires or Entre Ríos. Gualeguay.

The map, which shows the location of the establishments in CABA and 15 provinces, can be consulted at the link www.google.com.ar/maps/@-29.411231,-70.103602,5.77z/data=!4m3!11m2!2sm3ConCz7x0MVpxOAzBNTCy0ZHW1IUw!3e1 .

The Goût de France Week was launched on May 30 at the Jean-Mermoz Franco-Argentine Lyceum, whose students (from kindergarten to 5th grade) participated in workshops on French and Argentine tastes -appropriate to their ages- and education programs for health and sustainable development.

The workshops included the discovery of vegetables and aromatic herbs, blind tasting of flavors and smells, talks and the preparation of an original menu, for adults and children.

On the other hand, the “Jardin secret… Gontran Cherrier” tea room of the French Alliance of Buenos Aires will open its doors for the first time to celebrate Goût de France.

To close this edition, the book “Cuisine de Chefs” will be launched, with recipes from 22 French gastronomy professionals in homage to French cuisine in Argentina, directed by Ode Vergos, founder of the Lucullus association, an outstanding and historical institution in French gastronomy in Argentina.