7 reasons to decide whether or not to subscribe to Netflix

With about 221.6 million subscribers worldwide, Netflix, for the first time in its history, recorded a drop in the number of users. There were 200,000 fewer subscriptions in the first quarter of 2022, below its projections that pointed out that it would have 2.5 million new customers. That said, is it worth continuing with the subscription?

Lifeline in recent years for bringing together attractive prices and a multitude of content, today the most popular streaming platform in the world has dozens of competitors for a lower price.

This price jumped from BRL 29.90 in 2017 to BRL 55.90 in 2021, an increase of 87%. Inflation in the period was 20.26%, according to the IPCA (Extended Consumer Price Index) calculator. Correcting this value only with inflation, the subscription would cost R$ 35.96. So, check out these and other reasons to cancel Netflix for good:

It’s easy to cancel

If in the days of cable TV we had to wait hours or even days to cancel a subscription, at Netflix the situation is quite different. No bureaucracy, just a button to take a break. With no loyalty, cancellation or termination fees, giving up your subscription couldn’t be easier. There are no juggling.

If you want to come back…

… just sign again without bureaucracy. As unsubscribing is easy, resubscribing is equally easy. Just a few clicks separate you from a resumption in case you miss the programs, realities, series and movies from the streaming.

The hits continue on Netflix

The platform’s great series and movies are now practically original products. It is not necessary to devour content quickly for fear that it will go out of the catalogue. Unless the company goes out of operation in Brazil or goes bankrupt, there is no risk that series like Bom Dia Verônica or Cidade Invisível, to name only the Brazilian ones, will leave. You can cancel, give months or even years and return whenever you want. Everything will continue there, along with new waves of episodes.

high price


The value charged by Netflix is ​​much higher than its competitors. Without the ease of being in combos, the platform costs R$ 670.8, more than half the minimum wage in Brazil. If you subscribe to other services, you can rotate monthly and use a strategy like this so you don’t pay such a significant amount.

many competitors


In recent years, many strong competitors have emerged. Subscribing to a combination of Disney+, Star+, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ and HBO Max can still cost less than Netflix doing some combinations. That’s if you need them all. If you don’t give up streaming, try giving the new options a chance.

If “detox”

Everything in excess is bad. Not to dictate rules, but it’s true that a period of “detox” can do you good for a variety of reasons, from improving your productivity to starting to do other activities whose time is taken up by technology.

Cost benefit

There’s also a new option: many may find that they don’t watch Netflix as much. Depending on your level of interest and how much time you’ve spent viewing the platform lately – and there are ways to check – you might want to rethink your subscription. Here’s the maxim to be honest with yourself.