7 foods that will help you strengthen your bones and avoid osteoporosis

take care of our bones and our bone health becomes more important with each passing day as it deteriorates with time. weatherfor this reason it is of vital importance to consume the foods adequate to maintain the health of our bones in good condition. The foods that we will talk about today will allow you to obtain the nutrients necessary to take care of your bones and avoid diseases such as osteoporosisso read on so you can include them in your feeding.

Dairy products

The dairy products They are a great source of calciumthis is one of the minerals most important to our bones because it participates directly in the structure of them, the milk and its derivatives such as yogurt, cheese and other similar elements cannot be missing in our diet to take care of the osseous systemhowever, it is better to prioritize those options with reduced fat To avoid problems such as increased cholesterol.