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5 ideal books for the new start in 2022

December 31, 2021 – 10:07 am watch

Get fitter, stay healthy, reduce stress

All beginnings are difficult. Unfortunately, this also applies to the start of the new year and above all to the good resolutions that are to be put into practice from January 1st. Eating less sweets, quitting smoking, exercising regularly: it’s all easier said than done. But there is help. We have put together books that are like a personal coach and make the new start easier with concrete tips. These include so-called biohacks, but also workouts for fitness training at home and suggestions for new routines that break down the path to the big goal into small steps.

With these books, 2022 will be a strong year

At the turn of the year, many people think about their goals and wishes for 2022. If you want to stay healthy, gain muscle or lose weight, you will find tips and training plans for the new start in these five books.

Book Tip 1: The Tiny Habits Method

dr BJ Fogg is a master of small steps. The behavioral scientist founded the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University in 2007 and perfected his method of minimal changes to show people a way to fulfill their desires. Can you write a book by working on it for just a minute each day? BJ Fogg is convinced that Tiny Habits*, i.e. mini-habits, have a big effect in the long term – even with personal permanent problems. His approach is simple but apparently effective: “Pick a behavior that you want to change and make it small.”

Book tip 2: Fit in nine minutes

Going to the gym doesn’t always make sense during the pandemic. But that doesn’t have to be mandatory, because an effective workout is also possible at home. Even without expensive training tools, as Mark Lauren has shown over the past few years. The US coach relies on fitness exercises with your own body weight. Fit without equipment is the motto that his new book* is also about. According to Mark Lauren, three times nine minutes of training per week should be enough to steel the body. Minimum expenditure of time, maximum effect. Just right for everyone who has hardly found time for sport.

Book tip 3: Biohacking

The term biohacking stands for methods for self-optimization. Sleep better with blue light blocking glasses, feel better with cold showers, digest better with micronutrients: author and personal trainer Nico Airone not only writes about biohacking, he also tries out lifehacks himself. His goal is to exploit the full physical and mental potential of himself and his customers – with methods far away from the mainstream. His book* is, so to speak, a best-of biohacking on 190 pages, which are packed with tips for everyday life.

Book tip 4: The 6-minute diary

Journaling is absolutely hip. Why it is like that? On the one hand probably because it is simply good for our psyche to write down stressful thoughts from the soul and on the other hand because the body also benefits from journaling. Scientists have proven that journaling even strengthens the immune system. Especially if you record the moments of happiness, for example in a gratitude journal. “The 6-Minute Diary”* is almost a classic among self-care notebooks. More than 5,000 reviews were received from Amazon alone – 77 percent of them with 5 out of 5 possible stars. A strong value. The pure version of the diary includes a morning routine, a weekly routine and a monthly check. Personality should develop positively through regular self-reflection. A nice side effect: According to experts, journaling also helps against stress, even if you only stop and write for a few minutes a day.

Book tip 5: Energy! In 5 minutes

Many people feel chronically tired. according to dr Anne Fleck, there is an alarm signal that you should act on: If you get up extremely tired in the morning and only have a few phases at a normal energy level during the day. In her new book “Energy! In 5 minutes”*, the doctor and nutritionist has put together the best ideas, most useful advice and simplest exercises from her Doc Fleck method. An important goal: bring structure to the day. In addition to sufficient sleep, new eating and nutritional habits are often helpful in order to regain momentum over the long term. The book contains various recipes, instructions for self-tests and positive affirmations for everyday life.

Yes, every beginning is difficult. Naturally. But what is just as true: there is magic in every beginning. And that is particularly intense at the turn of the year. Those who use the power cleverly have a good chance of achieving their goals for 2022. (pron)

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