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The crisis at Xeneize increased after the draw against Godoy Cruz and, for the time being, Battaglia will continue to lead the team. The coach met with the Football Council and will have one more chance against Central Córdoba.

Boca lives a delicate moment. Last night he tied against Godoy Cruz, for date 11 of Zone B of the Professional League Cup, in the midst of a very tense climate in the Bombonera and the continuity of Sebastián Battaglia was more in doubt than ever. For now, keep going.

This Thursday, Battaglia and the Football Council met for about half an hour and the technician will be in charge of directing next Saturday against Central Córdoba, in Santiago del Estero.

Battaglia is still in Boca!

Sebastián Battaglia and the Football Council met for 25 minutes and the coach will continue to lead the squad: he will lead against Central Córdoba.

Riquelme and the Football Council are still at the Ezeiza property

Román is with Bermúdez, Delgado and Cascini while the practice run by Battaglia takes place. Then they could get together. What will happen to the technician?

Riquelme and the Boca Football Council are still at the Ezeiza property


Riquelme and the Boca Football Council are still at the Ezeiza property

Battaglia directs Boca’s practice on the field of play

The coach finally did not speak with the Football Council, but he is in charge of the squad. The talk is expected to be at the end of the training

The Council waits for Battaglia while the players do regenerative tasks

While the Boca squad does gym work with Alejandro Blasco (Zacarías Gaggero’s alternate physical trainer), the Football Council awaits Sebastián Battaglia and his coaching staff to have a key meeting for their continuity.

Boca training is delayed

Practice was scheduled for 4:00 p.m., but it hadn’t started yet. Riquelme, Delgado and Bermúdez, present at the venue waiting for the meeting with Sebastián Battaglia.

Boca training ground

Ten minutes after Boca practice, Battaglia’s future has not yet been resolved

The coach is meeting with the Football Council while the squad is summoned to start training at 4:00 p.m. Will he continue or will it be his farewell?

Sebastián Battaglia: “I’m always strong”

The coach signed autographs on his arrival at the Ezeiza venue and, in dialogue with ESPN, broke the silence: “We are doing well, working. We want the team to improve thinking about the next game. I am always strong. I trust the players. We want to improve , we will do an internal self-criticism and we will look for the best for what is to come”.

Battaglia’s word at the entrance to Boca’s property in Ezeiza


Battaglia's word at the entrance to Boca's property in Ezeiza

Sebastián Battaglia arrived at the Ezeiza property

Minutes after the arrival of Riquelme and Delgado, the Boca coach arrived at the Training Center to have a face-to-face meeting with the Football Council before the afternoon training session.

This is how Battaglia arrived at the Boca property


This is how Battaglia arrived at the Boca property

The Football Council begins to arrive in Ezeiza

Juan Román Riquelme and Marcelo Delgado were the first members of the Council to arrive at the Boca Training Center, to meet with Sebastián Battaglia and, later, with the squad.

For the Football Council, the future of Battaglia would be defined

In the face to face, the members of the Council will listen to the DT, but unless a miracle happens and the technician manages to convince them, they would have made the decision to ask him to step aside.

The meeting will be face to face in Ezeiza

There was no communication during the morning between the parties and the future of Boca’s DT will be defined after noon at the Boca site. Battaglia will go to the Training Center -where the squad trains from 4pm- and there he will talk with Riquelme and company.

No communication between Battaglia and the Council

Arriving at noon, there was no call or exchange of messages from the side of Battaglia to Riquelme, nor from Riquelme to Battaglia.

The reason that leads Battaglia to think about its continuity

Boca’s technical director has no plans to resign and does so based on the team’s response on the field: the coach feels supported by the players on the field of play and that is what leads him to seek to stay.

Battaglia maintains his position firm

Just like last night, when the coach left La Bombonera sure of his continuity, the coach’s idea remains the same: averaging this Thursday morning, Battaglia does not think about resigning.

The Council will contact Battaglia during the morning

From Boca’s sports management they will communicate with the coach to talk about the game against Godoy Cruz -since there was no dialogue between the parties last night- and especially to assess what will happen in the future.

The players are summoned to train in the afternoon

Boca’s squad will not rest for what is to come. Before the match with Godoy Cruz, the evening training session had already been scheduled for this Thursday, with the aim of starting to prepare for the visit to Central Córdoba (SdE) this Saturday. At 16 they start in Ezeiza.

Battaglia, firm: he does not intend to resign in Boca

As it turned out, the technical director of Boca left the Bombonera with the firm idea of ​​not submitting the resignation. The coach is convinced that the players are committed and, for this reason, he does not step aside, despite the worrying level that the team showed in its last presentations. In the locker room he did not communicate any decision to the players, who are scheduled for a new training session this Thursday afternoon in Ezeiza.

Sebastian Battaglia

The position of the Football Council on Battaglia in Boca

No member of the Football Council – headed by the vice president and idol Juan Román Riquelme – met with the coach after Boca’s draw against Godoy Cruz, in the midst of hot weather in the Bombonera. In any case, they do not rule out that there is a conclave with Sebastián Battaglia this Thursday.

Is Battaglia still there? The position of the Boca Football Council


Is Battaglia still there?  The position of the Boca Football Council

The last image in Boca? This is how Battaglia left the Bombonera

Sebastián Battaglia, questioned about the team’s actions in recent months, surprised by suspending the press conference: he left the Bombonera after midnight, without making any statements, just like the footballers.

This is how Battaglia left La Bombonera after Boca vs Godoy Cruz


This is how Battaglia left La Bombonera after Boca vs Godoy Cruz

Mouth burns: Riquelme’s face says it all

The Xeneize continues with its irregular path in the tournament and still does not find the correct football operation in this 2022. Juan Román Riquelme, vice president of the institution, watched the match from his box and was noted to be dissatisfied with the result and the team’s performance …

mouth vs. Godoy Cruz Juan Román Riquelme watching the game


mouth vs.  Godoy Cruz Juan Román Riquelme watching the game

The Boca fans got tired and shouted against the players against Godoy Cruz

Towards the end of the match between Boca and Godoy Cruz, the fans Xeneize, who was not satisfied with the performance of his team because he could not raise his head and did not have a good night, began to sing against the players.

Boca fans sang against the players


Boca fans sang against the players