◉ Boca today: the future of Battaglia, the meeting with Riquelme and latest news

Boca news today, Thursday, April 21. The Xeneize returned to leave a pale image in La Bombonera against Goody Cruz and the DT was on the tightrope. decisive hours.

Get the latest news from Boca and all the news for today, Thursday, April 21. The Xeneize once again left a pale image in La Bombonera, it did not go beyond the draw against Godoy Cruz and Sebastián Battaglia, whose continuity was on a tightrope, withdrew without giving statements. Decisive hours for the future of the coach, who for now does not think about resigning.

Without Weigandt: Boca’s list of concentrates to visit Central Córdoba

Sebastián Battaglia confirmed the list of 25 players to face the Ferroviario.

Gustavo Alfaro, on the situation of Sebastián Battaglia in Boca: “I don’t see a crisis of results”

El Lechuga, ex-DT of Xeneize, referred to the present of the coach, who is on the tightrope. He also recalled his time at the club and spoke of Ecuador’s present facing the World Cup and the Argentine National Team.

Gustavo Alfaro, on the situation of Sebsatián Battaglia in Boca


Gustavo Alfaro, on the situation of Sebsatián Battaglia in Boca

NOW! Battaglia met with the Boca Council and will be before Central Córdoba

Sebastián Battaglia and the Football Council met for 25 minutes and the coach will continue to lead the squad: he will lead against Central Córdoba.


Crisis in Boca: Benedetto’s posting amid doubts about Battaglia

Pipa Benedetto, one of Boca’s referents, shared a story with the message “all together” on his Instagram account. For the moment, Battaglia continues to lead the squad.

Post Benedetto Boca

Key hours in Boca: the meeting between Battaglia and the Football Council is coming

The draw against Godoy Cruz increased the crisis, the DT suspended the conference last night but went to sleep thinking about continuity. The Council awaits you this afternoon in Ezeiza.


Sebastián Battaglia: “I’m always strong”

The coach signed autographs on his arrival at the Ezeiza venue and, in dialogue with ESPN, broke the silence: “We are doing well, working. We want the team to improve thinking about the next game. I am always strong. I trust the players. We want to improve , we will do an internal self-criticism and we will look for the best for what is to come”.

Sebastian Battaglia arrival at the venue

Sebastián Battaglia arrived at the Boca property

Minutes after the arrival of Riquelme and Delgado, the coach arrived at the Training Center to have a face-to-face meeting with the Football Council.


The historical negative record reached by the Boca de Sebastián Battaglia

After another draw, this time against Godoy Cruz, Xeneize extended an unprecedented streak at La Bombonera. Click here and find out.


Battaglia will meet with the Boca Football Council

There was no communication between the parties during the morning and the future of the DT will be defined after noon at the Ezeiza property. Battaglia will go to the Training Center -where the squad trains from 4pm- and there he will talk with Riquelme and company.


Abel Alves, very worried about Boca’s present: “Things are not going well as a group”

El Chueco was uneasy with the situation that Xeneize is going through and believes that the biggest problem is in the group aspect. Find out what he said.

Abel Alves

Boca trains in the afternoon

The campus will not rest in the face of what is to come. Before the match with Godoy Cruz, the evening training session had already been scheduled for this Thursday, with the aim of starting to prepare for the visit to Central Córdoba (SdE) this Saturday. At 16 they start in Ezeiza.

Battaglia training

Boca’s next DT: one by one, what chances they have and Riquelme’s opinion

Sebastián Battaglia’s future hangs in the balance and in the corridors of La Bombonera there is talk of a completed cycle. Review HERE the technicians who could replace him in the blue and gold bench.
Mouth Technicians

Benedetto’s fever with his teammates: the insult when the first half ended in Boca vs Godoy Cruz

Pipa did not hide her discomfort when they went to the locker room: “We are assholes.”

mouth vs. Godoy Cruz: Darío Benedetto angry with his teammates


mouth vs.  Godoy Cruz: Darío Benedetto angry with his teammates

Key hours in Boca: Battaglia’s position and the idea of ​​the Football Council

The coach suspended the press conference after the tie with Godoy Cruz: in principle, he does not think about submitting his resignation. What do they say from the leadership? No member of the Council – headed by the vice president and idol Juan Román Riquelme – met with the coach after Boca’s draw against Godoy Cruz, in the midst of hot weather in the Bombonera. In any case, they do not rule out that there is a conclave with Sebastián Battaglia this Thursday.

Sebastian Battaglia

Boca tied with Godoy Cruz in the midst of a tense climate in the Bombonera

Xeneize equalized 1-1 with Tomba, as a local, for date 11 of Zone B of the Professional League Cup. It is the fourth tie in a row for the Battaglia team. Javier García, the great figure of the party.